Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Catching up on old times...

"Everyday i will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever." - Psalm 145:2

Most people spend their time on Facebook now rather than on Myspace or Blogger, but i'm still adamant on the fact that blogging it way more personal and sentimental than short comments on Facebook or Myspace will ever be, and that makes blogging more meaningful and a thousand times more worth investing your time in.

The VCE exams are less than 9 weeks away and the pressure's starting to mount on exponentially on a daily basis. Sigh... i've been so pressured to study that every spare moment of the day has become a priceless commodity that i'm not willing to spend carelessly. I'm actually thinking whether i should call up an old friend in Singapore or a friend in Australia; whether i should blog or read A Man For All Seasons; whether i should spend time watching EPL highlights or sleeping so that i can wake up early to get more study done! -.-""" Sigh.. study constantly plagues my mind! I'm not kidding when i say that Lead-accumulator battery equations pop into my mind when i'm reading the bible, i'm reminded of chinese detailed study questions when i pray, i'm thinking of Sir Thomas More on the train to and from school! Ahhh!!! I don't want to be bathed in an environment of study and nothing else!

The soccer season's ended. I had high hopes when i scored on my debut, the first goal for NQA, but i never managed to find the back of the net again! :( Sigh.. i wanna play soccer on the weekends, but i can't anymore because i've gotta study! I wanna have a long dinner with Danica, but i can't until 10 or so weeks from now, because of the same reason. I wanna have a long chat with Joce, but i can't... i wanna go for a jog, i wanna go to the gym again, i wanna stay after school to play soccer till 4 or 5pm like we used to do in the past, BUT I CAN'T!!!!!!

That little verse at the top of my post. That's from my QT today. Reminds me of how i should praise God regardless of the circumstance; be it failure in VCE, rejection by friends, lack of time for leisure, whatever... that's good to remember.

My dad's coming back from America tonight, and i've never been half so delighted to see him again. It's been such a long time since i met him. I think it was 2 months ago when i was back in Singapore doing my fitness test. He was there with me. Then he left for America from there. I miss him.

It's been so different without him. I've never appreciated him enough. He gives me support when i need it most, his smile brightens my dampest days a little, and he's just always there. Most of all, he keeps my mum happy. I don't know how he can live with her. She's soooo mooody and grumpy when he's not around. As you know, from my last post, that i got into a huge argument with my mum last week. Well, something worse happened last night and i think it's gonna take a while for me to get outta this one. Basically, she thinks that i've been disrepectful to her. I don't wanna go into the details cuz it'll just be one-sided and will make her sound unreasonable (although i think she was last night), but to be fair, i won't. I'm in the wrong, as usual, she's always in the right. I'll have to learn to get used to that.

I did something really terrible recently but i don't wanna go into so much detail. Basically, i've been a careless dick-head. A group of 12 friends including myself have been planning to go down to a beach house at Lorne to celebrate after VCE. I was organising the accomodation and all and basically i encountered some problems with the bookings and each of us was faced with a $600 fee for accomodation instead of the expected $138. By then, we had already made our "non-refundable" deposits of $110, yeah. Thank God for my caring, loving and accomodating friends who were kind enough not to blame or hold me responsible for the mistake. Theoretically, i owe 9 of them $110 each. Sorry guys! :( Boy, i felt so terrible when i learnt about it.. kept bothering me throughout the week and i couldn't sleep. Ahhh... I still feel guilty. I'll make it up to them somehow.

I should really be studying instead of making this post, but i felt rather sentimental and i really long to keep my blog alive. So.. i've been taking some photos and videos around school, at home, and at various places which i'd love to share with you. The quality might not be excellent but i can guarantee a laugh or two! :) Enjoy!

The jersey that Daz bought for Nick

Some scenic views from the top of Melbourne High School! haha! Thanks to Alexei for taking me up there, it was a good experience mate! :)

That's Jimmy suffering in pain after being smacked in the nuts with my apple :P
A barren tree by the roadside. Sometimes the most beautiful things in life aren't covered up in hypocrisy and artificiality.
"Fresh Snot" - Glennie's local bakery!
Driving on the wrong side of the road? lol!

This was during our Methods class. Macca's balls of steel!

LOL! Andrew (aka Stevie. G or Poland) tried picking on me in Methods class.

Mr Tonkin, our Methods teacher, showing us the tricks of the trade! lol! Rock the Cradle, sir!

Val and her WEIRD laughter!

Jase's Confession

Isaac: What if....?
Jase: I'll bear the responsibility! LOL!

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