Thursday, September 30, 2004

Oral Presentation....AGAIN!

Hey peeps, how're you doing? I just completed a Science presentation. And as you would have already known, it's ORAL! I hate orals. Just hate it from the bottom of my heart. Haiz...but it still has to be done. Previously, i had to do an oral book report. But this time, it's worse. It's a powerpoint presentation containing 15 slides! Looks like it's time to get ready for hell.
Well, there's nothing i can do now except to practice and to pray. lolz...

My grandmum's returning to Singapore mid October because she doesn't have a 'PR' status. And if she goes, there will be no one here to do the cooking. So to prevent our family from straving, or to resort to eating raw food, someone has to learn to cook. And guess what? I volunteered. lolz...i know you're laughing, but i kindda like cooking. I've learn to do 2 dishes today. Some pork stew and fried mee-fen, in other words "Chao Mi Fen". It was pretty easy though, surprisingly. I think i've gotta jot the recipe down somewhere until i memorise it.

Oh yea, seems like lots of you are undergoing your exams during this period of time. Just wanna wish you peeps all the best! and may God grant you knowledge for your exams. Oh, and this music thing is really annoying. What do u peeps see at the top of this page? Right in the middle. It should tell you how to play the music. Or if any 'Real Player' launcher pops up, just click 'OK'. Then you will be able to hear the cool music.

Alright, it's time for my poem. It's entitled "The Road of Life". I think my sis has already told you peeps(in her blog) that it was the theme of a recent sermon we heard in church. Well, i just thought about it today, and found it pretty meaningful. So, without any furthur ado...Enjoy!

Road of Life
Winding and turning,
A long and narrow road.
You can either drive easy,
Or walk with a heavy load.

On this road,
You're never alone.
The road runs long,
And the ending's unknown.

Behind ever corner,
The secret is sealed.
Beyond every turn,
The adventure revealed.

You'll never know,
Where the Road of Life's gonna take you.
So don't take your eyes,
Off that curvy road.

The plan of God,
Is the Road of Life.
The question is,
Will you survive?

God & Isaac

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Hey peeps! Ya know, you peeps are soooo lucky to be in SG. Back in SG, the public transport's awesome, you can go anywhere, anytime. But over here, it's the opposite. It's either you have a car, or nothing at all. lolz..stupid eh? Well, the point is this simple equation:
No Transport = Life - Lanning - Movies - Outtings
lolz...but anyways, A family friend, Aunty Angie, took Sha and i out for a movie! However, she has 2 children aged 2 and 5. Thus, we had to watch a 'kinatdda' kiddy movie. But it didn't matter, the show was "Shark Tale". It was a pretty good show. Boring at some parts, but the story line is awesome. After watching the movie, we went for a delicious lunch, ROTI PRATA! ears tingle at the sound of those 2 words. We had some chicken, mutton curry, Indian vegetable and some prata. I really enjoyed the meal. One of the best i've had in Australia.

You would guess what happened yesterday. Or rather today, if you count 12.35 a.m the next day. During my quiet time, i was just praying that the Lord would show his love to me (For some unknown reason). The words just shot out of my mouth: "O Lord, show your love towards me." I didn't really have a lot of intention in those words. I slept early that night, 10pm.

I didn't know why but i just woke up at 12.35 a.m. I thought it was the usual "Wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-then-go-back-to-sleep" routine, but it wasn't. I couldn't get back to sleep this time. It was because of the music. My sis had turned on some Christian music just before she fell asleep. And the words just filled my mind, like filling your mouth with sweet honey. Just imagine that. The words were so meaningful that my eyes were watery. I just felt how much Christ loved me. Unconditional, Sacrificial, Gracious, Deep love. Just then, i remembered my prayer to God to show his love for me. Well, it was answered! Praise the Lord!

This poem is to show how great God's love really is:

God's Love
Think about his love,
His love for you and me.
The saving love,
He gave so free.

Think about the planets,
Revolving in space.
Yet i was the largest,
The biggest in his face.

Loving is easy,
Without a sacrifice.
But my God gave,
His Son Jesus Christ.

If you think you're small,
In this world of lies.
You're enormous,
In your Father's eyes.

God & Isaac

Monday, September 27, 2004


Hey peeps, how're you guys doing? I had a pretty good day yesterday. Ok, first thing to talk about. Last Saturday (3 days ago), Jerusha and I accompanied my mum for a cell group meeting. It was pretty good, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. However, there was a time of fellowship when the adults just chatted. The cell meeting ended at 9pm and they finished chatting at 11pm. And you know what? I experienced hell in that 2 hours. Sha and i were taking care of the little children. There were 2 gals and 2 dudes. All aged from 2-5 years old. They were all very restless. They started to beat sha and i up, needless to say, we couldn't retaliate. They were hitting kindda hard for 2-5 year olds. There was once when a small dude punched me in the face. And Sha was like "Ouch!". Imagine the pain. I really wanted to teach the dude a little lesson. But how could i? With all the parents around. lol! Nevermind, i can't blame little children for being restless. BUT, there was this gal. She was the oldest among those toddlers, about 5 years old. And you know gals that age are like...full on crazy about romance and that sort of stuff. She started whispering stupid things to me, and i was like "Yea.........whatever." THEN, guess what she said next? " You should marry whoever has ear rings," she said. "I have ear-rings." I was like WTC! How could such a young gal come up with such a thing! Haiz.. we left soon after that. Well, that was a wierd experience for me.

Oh yea, what really blew me off was this. Just a few weeks ago, my mum told me to borrow an ear-digger for her cuz she wanted to dig my sister's ears. I borrowed it from my grandmother and gave it to my mum. END OF MY PART. Just yesterday, my grandmother came to me while i was doing my quiet time. She asked if i still had the ear-digger just to make sure that it's not missing. I was like "OH NO!". My mum had forgotten to return the ear-digger. Well, that wasn't the worst thing. When i told my mum, she went,"Why didn't YOU return it to her?". So i told her "Do you know what you're saying, mum? It's like Jerusha and i asked you to borrow a soccer ball from someone else. We played with the soccer ball and left it on the field we were playing on. When the person whom you borrow the ball from asks where the ball is, we simply blame you." And i just walked out of the room. I just wanted her to think about it. After an hour, i walked into the room again, and she was like "I don't remember asking you to borrow the ear-digger." Well, the quarrel went on and on. BUT, it's settled now. The ear-digger was found. However, the point is emphasised in my poem below.

Ok, it's time for poems! Enjoy!

An endless game of tug-of-war,
A rope that never tore.
The only outcome,
Making our hands sore!

A pointless soccer match,
Disgracing the lovely game.
The ball flies left and right,
Isn't it kindda lame?

No one likes to keep,
Responsibility in his court.
Kicking it to someone else,
And keeping the tensions taut.

Have you forgot?
Christ's blood for you he shed,
The love he had,
The pain he willingly beared?

Stop kicking the ball around,
Follow the example set.
All will be sound,
And everyone will be glad!

God & Isaac

Lots of distracations in this world,
Toys, games and plays.
Tend to hinder us,
Keeping us from what God says.

Do you feast on the Word of God?
Have you had your daily bread?
Or are you too busy?
Making yourself insanely glad.

The T.V is addictive,
Another one of satan's baits.
Are you being tempted?
Get your priorities straight!

God & Isaac

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Quarrel

Hey peeps, it's Saturday already. How time flies... My school holidays are ending soon. But school will be fun. I was chatting to Lyd and Sian yesterday. We talked about their coming exams, and both of them said i was crazy because i wanted the exams to come ASAP. lol! that was funny. Who wouldn't want to get their exams over and done with?

Ok, the music thing is really cheesing me off. For those people who can't hear the music (Strangely, this happens to be everyone), go to this website and download the lastest media player :
That should do. Cuz the music rox! You'll be missing out if u don't. Please do so asap. It's free too. No viruses, no spam.

Now to tell you about what happened this morning. Wondered why the title of this post is called "Big Quarrel". Well, you wouldn't think this was BIG. But in my family, almost every quarrel is BIG. goes. My mum was supposed to take my sis and i out to shop for some clothing. And... she told me that she wanted to view a house first(We are currently looking for a house to buy) . So, i told her "Ok". We saw the first house, and then another, and another. I was quiet upset cuz my mum told me that we were only going to view one house. In addition to that, it was past 12pm and we had to get back for lunch. So what we had to do is - View 4 houses, shop for clothes and go back for lunch. The time was like a time-bomb in my head. Subsequently, i complained to my mum. I said that we were supposed to only look at one house and blah blah blah. Obviously, i took it a little too far. She had the impression that she had to report EVERYTHING she did to me, her son.

Consequently, she got SOOOO FURIOUS and SOOO PISSED that she just started the engine and headed for home. She wanted to drop me off at home, view the houses and then come pick me up again and go shopping. loL! i was like.."NO WAY, YOU MUST BE KIDDING ME!" lol! but she was off. 80km/h. lolz...anyways, it's over now, everything's fine. Now i know how some people feel when they are in conflict with their parents. Sometimes it can last for long periods of time, sometimes forever. Fortunately for me, it only lasted for an hour. Well, though out parents can be wrong at times, if u really think about it. They are doing either one of these two things:
- Things that are a absoulutely NECCESARY
- Things that are good for us
In addition to that, remember this law "Honour your Father and you Mother."

Ok, it's time for today's poem. It's kindda wierd, but anyways, here goes:

The Barren Tree
Useless, dry and rough.
That is all i can see.
Dull, unloving and uncaring,
The life of a barren tree.

Look at your life,
Are you like that barren tree?
Is your woody bark,
As dry as can be?

Get some living water,
It's time for a dunk!
Drench your branches,
And splash it on your trunk!

It's time to wake up,
And get revived.
Get out of your shell,
And get a life!

God & Isaac

Friday, September 24, 2004

Boring Holidays...

Hey peeps. I'm having a really boring holidays right now. Nothing to do except to watch TV, computer and soccer. Really wish school would reopen soon. I couldn't blog for the last two days because my laptop's spoilt. I can't type in the input box in the "Compose" page. lolz.. sounds complicated eh? well, it just makes me unable to post. So, i have to use the CPU for my blogging. Nothing much happened suring these 2 days. Hmm..let me think, I watched 2 movies. lolz..."Brother Bear" and "50 First Dates". Both movies were awesome! They're a MUST for those who haven't watched them. And i mastered a vegetable dish! took me pretty long to learn how to cook it. It tastes awesome!(Biased) I don't even know the name of the vegetable. lolz.. OK, it's time for the poems for the last 3 days. Enjoy!

If Christ came,
And on your heart knocked.
What would happen?
Would your door be locked?

One simple question,
Always puzzles me.
Would i go?
Or would i just let it be?

My heart tells me,
Without a doubt.
That i would go,
Whether flood or drought.

But when the time comes,
Would i be game?
When Christ calls,
Would i still feel the same?

Lord, help me,
I desperately plead.
To follow you,
Where ever your spirit leads.

God & Isaac

The medcine for quarrels,
The solution to problems.
Can you guess what it is?
It simply goes like this.

Would you read this poem,
To the very end?
If you're in a rush,
Would you wait for a friend?

Many or most time,
We get carried away.
Not knowing,
When or what to say.
This will give you,

An angered heart.
You may not have noticed,
but impatience played a part.

If love and patience,
Were in your heart.
It would have been prevented,
Right from the start!

God & Isaac

Lost Lifes
A cold and eerie night,
Lost with no one in sight.
My heart is filled with fear,
Only hoping to see a light.

My vision is blocked,
And my legs are numb.
Wincing in pain,
Of my dear broken thumb.

Looking up,
I see the starless sky.
At my wit's end,
I heaved a heavy sigh.

I knelt down feeling the coolness,
Pressing against my knees.
Feeling the chilling wind,
I held on to my warm fleece.

I looked up to heaven,
And wondered why.
But now i know,
Why Christ had to die.

God & Isaac

Hope you guys enjoyed that. See ya!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Thank God!

Hey peeps! Lots of people tagged me. That's cool! I'm into the 2nd day of the holidays. Nothing much to do really, except to play computer, soccer, table-tennis and read. lolz..Kindda boring. Well, i'll just have to do some work. I was so looking forward to this holidays. Have you ever had the experience when you were really in need of something, and when you get it, you don't really appreciate it as much as you thought you would. lolz...complicated eh? But that's how i feel now.

I really miss Singapore lots. But i'm afraid the same thing will happen. I'm currently craving to get back to SG. But i may not enjoy it as much. So, i'll have to plan my schedule well. lolz..Hmm..lots of people i have to pay a visit to. 1. Church friends 2. MSHS friends 3. St.Andrews friends 4. Soccer mates ~8) 5. Cousins
Wow, there's just too many people. Better not talk about it now.

Oh yea, for those people who have blogs and are not on my link list, please leave your blog URL on the tagboard. I'll link you ASAP. Hmm...ok, i'll tell you about one of my projects. Disgusting. Not disgusting, rather...'unique'. Guess the subject...

Sex Ed. The assesment is to come up with an advertisement that advertises a contraceptive method. Find it funny, eh? too. I just did it today. I'm doing condoms, Durex. It looks kindda cool. But nothing you'll be interested in...OR NOT? lol.. I freak out at the thought of all those contraceptive methods that 'intellegent' humans come up with. It's just utterly disgusting. It makes me ponder over something. Compare the current world now, to the time God first created it. Compare it again to the prophecies in Revelations.'s good to know that Christ is coming again soon. However, it's very saddening looking at how people in the current time act. Don't they have better things to do? Can't they just 'behave' well? lol...

Ok, enough of my rubbish. It's time for my poem. It's about arrogance. Have you ever been carried away in a sense of pride? I just realised that i tend to be self-righteous sometimes. And i find that scary because i didn't even realise it until some time later. I wanna apologise to those people whom i offended because i was too self-righteous.

This poem is just to remind people who are in a state of self-righteousness. God is the only one totally righteous. Here goes:

I've been perfect,
Free from sin.
Only failing to realise,
How proud i've been.

Lost in my determination,
To achieve a sense of excellence.
Of what turned out to be,
Sheer unwanted arrogance.

God was with me,
Every single day.
He helped me,
To change my sinful ways.

I could never change,
What i was meant to be.
But through his grace,
God changed me.

I express to God,
A heart of thankfulness.
Turning my arrogance,
Back into gratefulness.
God & Isaac

Thank God for you all!

Monday, September 20, 2004


Hey peeps! No one seems to be tagging me. Please add my blog site to your favourites and tag me everyday! lol..I had to retype this blog because my Internet Explorer just hung up on me when i was about to publish. Haiz.. I've composed 2 poems. The first is entitled "Free" and the other is called "Prayer". The one about Prayer isn't that good. But i sure hope you'll enjoy it!


You created me,
But i turned against you.
You could have destroyed me,
And left me without a clue.

But through your love,
I am redeemed.
It was by your grace,
So it seemed.

Though my life's a circus,
And sin have taken it's toll.
You gave me a purpose,
And restored my wounded soul.

Watching over me everyday,
Making sure i don't go astray.
"I love you Lord!"
Is my finaly say.

Though i don't deserve it,
You set me free.
Free from sin and death.
I'm as glad as can be.
God & Isaac

Did you like that? I'll show you the second one. It's pretty bad. SO...Don't bag me!


What a wonderful thing,
That God listens,
To what we have to say.
Every minute of the day.

What a priviledge,
To tell the Lord of all,
Your problems and worries,
That stand ever so tall.

Like a loving shepherd,
He listens to us.
Asking for things,
Like that new porcelain vase.

But he is a God of Love,
Who loves and cares.
Our sins, he forgives.
Our pain, he shares.

Ask for his guidence,
To lead you on your way.
Ask for his protection,
To protect you every day!
God & Isaac

Well, those were the 2 poems. Hmm..there's just one more. I composed it two days ago. Well, it's about tests. In this cruel world, everyone experiences tests. Tests can be from God. So let's look at it from a different perspective. A good example, is how i have to retype my whole post again! have no idea how pissed i was. But i had 2 options :
1. Retype it, for God.
2. Just leave it. Post tomorrow.

I chose the first one. Well, there are many choices you can choose from from every situation. But will it please God? Take a look at my poem =)


A broken heart,
The cry of a son.
A bad start,
The death of a loved one.

Why God? Why?
You caused this,
O God of love,
Is this love from above?

God is always good.
Though he gives you endless tests,
Not giving you any rest,
He loves you no less!

Who can fathom the mind of the Lord?
He gives you a task,
Only to see,
If you would last.

God is great,
His mind as sharp as glass.
But when your test comes,
Will you pass?
God & Isaac

Well, there you go. This is gonna be a really long blog. lolz..My dad just left for Ireland a few days ago. He's on some course/workshop or something. He'll be away for a month. =( Sure will miss him. I'm currently into the 10th hour of my holidays. lol..I wonder how i'm gonna spend it. I've got lots of projects to do. One of them is a programming project. I'll talk more about it.

I have an extra class in school called "Software Design". It's a cool subject. I get to learn how to program stuff using a program called "Visual Basic". It can do lots os stuff. Ya know the "My Computer" on your desktop? When you click it, it opens and reveals drives, yea? And when you click the drives, they reveal folders. And so on, so forth. I could do the same thing using Visual Basics. Awesome eh? yep, i have an assignment task to do over the holidays. It is to program a game from scratch. My game will be on Soccer. As usual. lolz..i'll show you peeps some day. It's gonna be hard to program, but i will pray.

Oh yea, for all you soccer fans! Tommorrow. The big showdown. 2 of the best teams in England's top flight soccer league. Liverpool. Manchester United. Awesome! lolz... I am gonna waking up at 5 a.m in the morning to catch that game (Although Liverpool's sure to win). lolz.. To all Man utd fans :"Enjoy the trashing!"

Gtg now peeps! See ya!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

God Is Good

Hey peeps, finally got A song up. Haiz... I am a half failure. Initially, i tried to upload my own song. It's a Christian Rap song. However, i failed. (I'm a HTML noob). All i could come up with was the layout(What do you peeps think of it? i made it myself). Well, here's a replacement, Perfect by Simple Plan. Hope you people like it! =)

Hey Jeremy! Wow! I didn't expect you to tag me. Lolz..nice to be able to hear from you again. Miss the good old days. How are you doing in ACS I? Different from Maris Stella ain't it? lolz.. Yep, i like poetry a lot. It's a gift that God's given me. It's really awesome to hear from so many good old friends again. I'll be going back to SG in Mid-December. I'll arrange to see ya then!

Well, you remember about my Oral book review? lol...I had to do it yesterday! I like the word "yesterday". Finally got it over and done with. It was a heavy burden on me. It feels like a 50kg rock in my bag when i walk to school everyday. Oh yea, and you know why God's good? Just 2 days ago, 1 day before i did my book review, i was doing my quiet time. Then, i suddenly felt an urge, i thought, who am i doing my book review for? For sheer marks? Or for God? I made up my mind, the answer's obvious. That really boosted my confidence.

After recess. English Lesson. Time to stand up for God. I walked to my class. Have you ever had the feeling that you want to do something, but you just find it hard to? Well, i experianced that. I was finding it hard to walk to class. I wanted my stride to be light and easy. Rather, it was kindda like heavy but easy. Just like the quote "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak".

It was my turn to give my book review. I got out of my chair. Walked to the front of the class. The class was pretty noisy. While they were getting settled down to listen to my review, i prayed silently to my Father up above. "Lord, be with me, help me." I started. "The title of my book is Left Behind" I'll spare you people the details. It was kindda hard when i first started, but it got easier and easier. God was with me. Seriously, i felt a sense of peace. That got rid of my anxiety. I felt calm to a certain extent.

Then, i came to this sentence. "At a certain point of time, all the Christians in the world will be taken up to heaven instantly, leaving everyone else behind." I expected lots of jeering because 26/28 students in the class were non-Christians. However, when i looked around, i saw interested and shocked faces. Well, there was a little rebellious noise. Nothing could stand before God and myself. I finished my book review with style. I got an 'A' for it. Thank God!

I hope this is a real encouragement for those of you who are experiancing difficult or even different situations. Well, this may sound like a cliche, but there are always troubles in life. But you know what? God's always there to help. He's always waiting just outside the door of your heart. Waiting to help you, IF you ask. There's nothing the Lord can't do for you! But the question is, would you ask?

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Sorry Peeps!

Hi, I just wanna apologise for the inactivity of the website. Wow, so many people posted. Who in the world is Lowell and Jerm anyways? loL! I doubt i know them. But anyways, hi dudes. The reason why i was "AFK" for a while was because i started on a new game called "Ragnarok". For all of youse who have played it before, PLS DON'T BEG ME! lolz.. it's a cool game. RPG. You just walk around killing monsters, meeting new friends and gaining levels and skills. Lame eh? nothing else to do. haiz..

Since i have been inactive for so long, i should update you on the past few weeks. Hmm..oh yea, my soccer season has already ended. Guess what? *Step Back (You're gonna be suprised)* My team finished FIRST!(From the bottom, that is). lolz...but we all had a fun season losing all our games except for 2 draws. Well, we are getting relagated, that means that we are gonna get dropped to a lower division(easier opposition). Hope we will do well in that division.

Ok, the most recent problem. Book Report. Sounds easy eh? But try adding another word, "Oral". And add, in front of a classroom of Aussies. The equation is:
Book Report + Oral + In front of a class filled with Aussies = Horrible Death
lolz..but you know what? The title of my book is "Left Behind". I reckon some of you peeps would have read it. I seldom read books in the past. However, my sis introduced me to this series of books called the "Left Behind Series". Well, it's about the End Times, when Christ comes again and takes all the Christians up to heaven instantly, leaving everyone else behind for seven years of trials and tribulations. Well, i felt a sense of urgency as well as responsibilty to inform those classmates of mine who didn't know God. So, i decided that if God wanted me to do my book review, I would do it couragously, for God. Easier said than done, lolz... i have 2 more English lessons in exactly 2 days to go before the HOLIDAYS! lolz... It's like a ongoing-time bomb. Ticking away, waiting to explode. And all i can do is to watch it blow up in my face. lolz...hope it'll be over by today. =)

Oh yea, talking about the holidays. My school term is ending 2 days from now! Yeeha! Thank God for the rest. I really need it. But i don't know what i'm gonna do actually. Over here in Australia, you need a car to get around. It's essential. It's like a EZ-link card back in Singapore. But maybe i'll just go out with some friends for a movie or some lanning. lolz..I'll also be composing a poem(hopefully every day of the holidays) so, my blog will be flooding with poems. BUT, they're COPYRIGHT. ty. lolz..

Wow, Joel, you tagged by blog eh? thanks, How's life been there? Do the cousins still meet on Sundays or something like that? What kindda game are you playing now? still doing Frozen Throne? And, how's school in the poly?

KK, i gtg to school now. See ya Peeps!