Monday, September 27, 2004


Hey peeps, how're you guys doing? I had a pretty good day yesterday. Ok, first thing to talk about. Last Saturday (3 days ago), Jerusha and I accompanied my mum for a cell group meeting. It was pretty good, and we enjoyed it thoroughly. However, there was a time of fellowship when the adults just chatted. The cell meeting ended at 9pm and they finished chatting at 11pm. And you know what? I experienced hell in that 2 hours. Sha and i were taking care of the little children. There were 2 gals and 2 dudes. All aged from 2-5 years old. They were all very restless. They started to beat sha and i up, needless to say, we couldn't retaliate. They were hitting kindda hard for 2-5 year olds. There was once when a small dude punched me in the face. And Sha was like "Ouch!". Imagine the pain. I really wanted to teach the dude a little lesson. But how could i? With all the parents around. lol! Nevermind, i can't blame little children for being restless. BUT, there was this gal. She was the oldest among those toddlers, about 5 years old. And you know gals that age are like...full on crazy about romance and that sort of stuff. She started whispering stupid things to me, and i was like "Yea.........whatever." THEN, guess what she said next? " You should marry whoever has ear rings," she said. "I have ear-rings." I was like WTC! How could such a young gal come up with such a thing! Haiz.. we left soon after that. Well, that was a wierd experience for me.

Oh yea, what really blew me off was this. Just a few weeks ago, my mum told me to borrow an ear-digger for her cuz she wanted to dig my sister's ears. I borrowed it from my grandmother and gave it to my mum. END OF MY PART. Just yesterday, my grandmother came to me while i was doing my quiet time. She asked if i still had the ear-digger just to make sure that it's not missing. I was like "OH NO!". My mum had forgotten to return the ear-digger. Well, that wasn't the worst thing. When i told my mum, she went,"Why didn't YOU return it to her?". So i told her "Do you know what you're saying, mum? It's like Jerusha and i asked you to borrow a soccer ball from someone else. We played with the soccer ball and left it on the field we were playing on. When the person whom you borrow the ball from asks where the ball is, we simply blame you." And i just walked out of the room. I just wanted her to think about it. After an hour, i walked into the room again, and she was like "I don't remember asking you to borrow the ear-digger." Well, the quarrel went on and on. BUT, it's settled now. The ear-digger was found. However, the point is emphasised in my poem below.

Ok, it's time for poems! Enjoy!

An endless game of tug-of-war,
A rope that never tore.
The only outcome,
Making our hands sore!

A pointless soccer match,
Disgracing the lovely game.
The ball flies left and right,
Isn't it kindda lame?

No one likes to keep,
Responsibility in his court.
Kicking it to someone else,
And keeping the tensions taut.

Have you forgot?
Christ's blood for you he shed,
The love he had,
The pain he willingly beared?

Stop kicking the ball around,
Follow the example set.
All will be sound,
And everyone will be glad!

God & Isaac

Lots of distracations in this world,
Toys, games and plays.
Tend to hinder us,
Keeping us from what God says.

Do you feast on the Word of God?
Have you had your daily bread?
Or are you too busy?
Making yourself insanely glad.

The T.V is addictive,
Another one of satan's baits.
Are you being tempted?
Get your priorities straight!

God & Isaac

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