Saturday, September 18, 2004

God Is Good

Hey peeps, finally got A song up. Haiz... I am a half failure. Initially, i tried to upload my own song. It's a Christian Rap song. However, i failed. (I'm a HTML noob). All i could come up with was the layout(What do you peeps think of it? i made it myself). Well, here's a replacement, Perfect by Simple Plan. Hope you people like it! =)

Hey Jeremy! Wow! I didn't expect you to tag me. Lolz..nice to be able to hear from you again. Miss the good old days. How are you doing in ACS I? Different from Maris Stella ain't it? lolz.. Yep, i like poetry a lot. It's a gift that God's given me. It's really awesome to hear from so many good old friends again. I'll be going back to SG in Mid-December. I'll arrange to see ya then!

Well, you remember about my Oral book review? lol...I had to do it yesterday! I like the word "yesterday". Finally got it over and done with. It was a heavy burden on me. It feels like a 50kg rock in my bag when i walk to school everyday. Oh yea, and you know why God's good? Just 2 days ago, 1 day before i did my book review, i was doing my quiet time. Then, i suddenly felt an urge, i thought, who am i doing my book review for? For sheer marks? Or for God? I made up my mind, the answer's obvious. That really boosted my confidence.

After recess. English Lesson. Time to stand up for God. I walked to my class. Have you ever had the feeling that you want to do something, but you just find it hard to? Well, i experianced that. I was finding it hard to walk to class. I wanted my stride to be light and easy. Rather, it was kindda like heavy but easy. Just like the quote "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak".

It was my turn to give my book review. I got out of my chair. Walked to the front of the class. The class was pretty noisy. While they were getting settled down to listen to my review, i prayed silently to my Father up above. "Lord, be with me, help me." I started. "The title of my book is Left Behind" I'll spare you people the details. It was kindda hard when i first started, but it got easier and easier. God was with me. Seriously, i felt a sense of peace. That got rid of my anxiety. I felt calm to a certain extent.

Then, i came to this sentence. "At a certain point of time, all the Christians in the world will be taken up to heaven instantly, leaving everyone else behind." I expected lots of jeering because 26/28 students in the class were non-Christians. However, when i looked around, i saw interested and shocked faces. Well, there was a little rebellious noise. Nothing could stand before God and myself. I finished my book review with style. I got an 'A' for it. Thank God!

I hope this is a real encouragement for those of you who are experiancing difficult or even different situations. Well, this may sound like a cliche, but there are always troubles in life. But you know what? God's always there to help. He's always waiting just outside the door of your heart. Waiting to help you, IF you ask. There's nothing the Lord can't do for you! But the question is, would you ask?

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