Monday, August 30, 2004

Unbelieveable Finding!

Has anyone ever lost a pretty valuable object and develop a really guilty feeling about it? It's like, you don't wanna, don't mean to lose the object, but it's just lost. Not entirely because of your own carelessness, but because of sheer incidence. I just hate that feeling. Especially if the lost object is expensive and sentimental.

Just two weeks ago, i lost my USB Drive. I found out just after school, so i came to a conclusion that i left my USB Drive in school. However, it was a Friday and there was no school the next day. That only meant that i had to live with the terrible guilt for two days (Saturday and Sunday), making my weekend miserable, and rush to school early next Monday to retrieve my USB Drive. Oh yea, for those of you I.T Pros who still can't figure out what a USB Drive is, a USB Drive is a storage device that you use to store files such as programs, pictures and documents. The costs range from $40-$200 for one, depending on the size(Megabytes) Mine was 149Mb (Pretty much). Well, it was only to be a test of faith. I had to have faith that God would help me to find it. However, i didn't find it on Monday. How about on Tueday? Fat Chance dude! lolz...i only found it on Thursday, and guess what? it wasn't in school, it was in the pocket of my jeans the whole time! I have no idea how it got there, it just did! lolz..Praise the Lord!

But...guess what? Last Friday, Three days ago. Dejavu. Ya know. More guilt? It's like...I'm cursed or something. I couldn't bring myself to tell my Dad, nor my Mum. I was kindda crapped up because i was 100% sure that i brought it to school. I had put som documents on it so that i could do some work at home. But now, it's gone missing. Checked in my jeans, blazer pockets, everywhere. Finally, (Not so Easy!) lolz.. i still couldn't find it. I decided that in the worst case senario, i would secretly store up my weekly pocket money to buy a brand new USB Drive. I was miserable. But i could sense that God was telling me to keep my faith. I did. But would it pay off?

On Monday (Today), i rushed to school early in the morning. Peeked through the computer room window to check if i left my USB Drive on the computer table. It's like someone's playing tricks on me. The room was partially lit. And it was too dark to see if my USB Drive was on the computer table or not! I was like -.-", you must be kidding me! I prayed a really desperate prayer to the Lord. I said, Lord, you said, Ask and i would receive, Seek and i will find, Knock and the door will be opened unto you. Guess what? The class that were using the room went in at 8a.m. The lights came on. I peered through the window, someone had picked the USB Drive up. He was walking to the teacher, i rushed into the class and asked the teacher if someone had seen my USB Drive. At the same time, the boy came to the teacher and told him that he had found a USB Drive. Unbelieveable, don't ya think? I mean, that was awesome! Praise the Lord!

To all ya peeps, I just wanna urge you to have faith in God. Especially desperate faith. For the Lord hears your prayers and requests. For he said "Ask and you will receive, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you." That's God's promise to you. He words are true, and so is he. However, God is still the judge and it doesn't mean that he'll give you anything you want. Rather, remember that whatever God does, he does it for those who love him. Do you love him? Well, i do.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

First Goal - Own Goal

I can't believe myself. What got into me today! lolz.. guess what. I had a soccer game on my home pitch (Wembley). The weather was perfect for a soccer game. We were about to play a "weak" team, Dingley Football Club. However, the challenge was still there. It was what we dudes call a "Winnable" game. lolz..we are a miserable lot. If we were to win this game (First win of the season. lolz!), our coach would go beserk, give each team member a hundred bucks and jumping into the raging sea. That's how hopeless my team is.

I woke up at 5.30+. I wanted to sleep longer, but i just couldn't keep my head on the pillow any longer. I washed up and decided to do my quiet time. At the end of my quiet time, i prayed a desperate prayer to God. I asked him to help me play well in my soccer game, to let it be the best game i've ever played, and the first game my team won. I was hopeful. God Answers Prayer!

We started the game on a high note. Everything was going well for the first 10 mins. Then came this long ball, deep into my half. As a defender, i ran as fast as i could. However, the striker whom i was marking, was running as fast as a bullet train (Just a little slower than me =P). He took the ball away. At wits end, i did a perfectly executed sliding tackle on him. Wow, how successful my last resort turned out to be! The game was tight, everyone wanted to be first to the ball, first to tackle, first to take a shot. Both the teams were held to a deadlock at the end of the first half.

The team was excited because we knew we still had a chance to win it. I was exhausted, i took a drink, thanked God for helping me with that tackle, and asked him to let us win the game once more. Then, i listened to the coach's prep talk. (Quite moral boosting actually, but that's not my type.)

Dingley's team approached the field. All the players got into position, ready to charge and tear one another apart. It was a battle of life and death. But would you guess. Dingley had a superbly awkward goal. A Dingley striker lobbed it on target and hoped it would get it. The ball moved at a pace of 1km/h, dropped past the keeper's hands and landed behind the goal line -.-" It came from no where. It was the goalie's fault. Honestly. We continued to press on. Our team looked more superior than Dingley at this stage. I kept praying and praying. We had lots of chances, but our striker failed to convert all of them -.-" I couldn't believe it! Missing from point-blank range.

But the worst was yet to come. A long ball came deep into my half. A Dinglet player took the ball to the right wing. Our right defender couldn't cope with his pace and skill. He rappled an extremely hard and low cross. It was a perfect cross. It was such that the keeper could not catch it, and the defenders had no chance of clearing it properly. There i was, standing in the middle of the penalty box with a professional striker heavy on my back. I had 2 options, slide and try to clear the ball (Risk an own goal) or to let the ball run past me (The striker would score). What was this? A lose-lose situation? -.-" I decided to do the heroics, i slid to clear the ball.

BONG! Guess what? I scored my first goal of the season! Would you believe that! What a marvellous strike by Isaac Newton Ho! (Just that it was the wrong goal) -.-" I struck the ball into the bottom right of my OWN goal. =( Haiz...My coach must have been extremely furious. I just lay there, stunned. I had had such a good game before i scored that own goal, possibly my best. But it was ruined by that own goal. Sigh..

We lost 2-0. But that's not the point. I just wanna say that, though you keep praying and begging God to help you. He may say 'no' to your request. God's not like a robot that responds to your every command. He makes the decisions. Well, we just have to trust in the fact that God loves us and that in everything he does, he does it for the good of those who love him.

See ya ppl! Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Scool - U

That's me in my school uniform ~8) Posted by Hello


Hey ppl, This is my first post in my new blog. Feel kinda funny, cuz i don't normally do blogs. lolz... i just felt a little bored and decided to crate a blog.

As for you people back in Singapore. You won't believe how much you're missing out. lolz...i'm not talking about the freezing cold in winter. I'm talking about the sweetness of spring arriving at the doorstep here in Australia. I'm sure you ppl have heard pretty much about 'Spring', but have never experianced it. I just experianced it this morning. It was terrific! The grass was glowing green, the sun rose early and it was beaming with radiant light! (Not the type that causes you to wince) In addition to that, there were flowers with stunning colours in my frontyard. I was so amazed at God's creation. Truely, what a great and marvellous God we have!

I was so inspired by that, that i wrote a poem:

I marvel at Spring,
God's beautiful cration.
So beautiful yet complex,
Beyond my imagination

Early in the morning,
The sun was first to rise.
Pink flowers blooming,
All ready to entice.

Up on a treetop,
Small birds lay their perch.
Singing a lovely song,
While carrying out a hungry search.

They sky is radiant,
Lit up by the Sun.
Then i remembered,
Why God gave his Son.

God's love is boundless,
He causes the sun to rise.
Lighting up the fine line,
Where the horizon lies,

God's love is measureless.
Where do the birds get their food?
To whome are the birds singing?
And where do the flowers get their mood?

These remind me,
Of God's wondrous love.
The God who loves me,
From up above!
God & Isaac

Normal routine. Every saturday morning. 9 a.m Chinese Tuition. lolz... I can't say that I don't like Chinese anymore. Chinese is like a trump card over here. It's like an extra bonus. It's like having a piece of special bait when fishing. I have a friend in my school named Jack. He came to to Australia 4 years ago. He's from Shanghai, China. Cool eh? And i would speak to him in mandarin and no one around can understand. lol!

Sha and I have to go to a family friend's house later. And guess what? They live in a extremely far out place, near the edge of melbourne! lol! it's unbelieveable. It's almost an hour's drive from our house. So we have to leave at 4.30p.m to get there on time. i miss Singapore. The longest journey only takes half an hour.

Ok, that's the end of my first blog. Catch up on you guys laterz!