Saturday, August 28, 2004


Hey ppl, This is my first post in my new blog. Feel kinda funny, cuz i don't normally do blogs. lolz... i just felt a little bored and decided to crate a blog.

As for you people back in Singapore. You won't believe how much you're missing out. lolz...i'm not talking about the freezing cold in winter. I'm talking about the sweetness of spring arriving at the doorstep here in Australia. I'm sure you ppl have heard pretty much about 'Spring', but have never experianced it. I just experianced it this morning. It was terrific! The grass was glowing green, the sun rose early and it was beaming with radiant light! (Not the type that causes you to wince) In addition to that, there were flowers with stunning colours in my frontyard. I was so amazed at God's creation. Truely, what a great and marvellous God we have!

I was so inspired by that, that i wrote a poem:

I marvel at Spring,
God's beautiful cration.
So beautiful yet complex,
Beyond my imagination

Early in the morning,
The sun was first to rise.
Pink flowers blooming,
All ready to entice.

Up on a treetop,
Small birds lay their perch.
Singing a lovely song,
While carrying out a hungry search.

They sky is radiant,
Lit up by the Sun.
Then i remembered,
Why God gave his Son.

God's love is boundless,
He causes the sun to rise.
Lighting up the fine line,
Where the horizon lies,

God's love is measureless.
Where do the birds get their food?
To whome are the birds singing?
And where do the flowers get their mood?

These remind me,
Of God's wondrous love.
The God who loves me,
From up above!
God & Isaac

Normal routine. Every saturday morning. 9 a.m Chinese Tuition. lolz... I can't say that I don't like Chinese anymore. Chinese is like a trump card over here. It's like an extra bonus. It's like having a piece of special bait when fishing. I have a friend in my school named Jack. He came to to Australia 4 years ago. He's from Shanghai, China. Cool eh? And i would speak to him in mandarin and no one around can understand. lol!

Sha and I have to go to a family friend's house later. And guess what? They live in a extremely far out place, near the edge of melbourne! lol! it's unbelieveable. It's almost an hour's drive from our house. So we have to leave at 4.30p.m to get there on time. i miss Singapore. The longest journey only takes half an hour.

Ok, that's the end of my first blog. Catch up on you guys laterz!

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J3ru5h4 said...

yo zac, very very nice poem. *standing elavation*
Only a few spelling errors, otherwise your post is perfect=)