Thursday, August 31, 2006

Through Whose Eyes?

School was a slight bludge today. I got bagged quite a bit for coming 77th in the X-Country yesterday, lots of my friends were having a fun time boasting that they beat me. I even heard random pple saying that they "beat isaac". haha! Well, i guess i'll have to try harder next year.

I think this is the first double-free since the beginning of the year that i actually spent studying. I went straight to the library with Harish, Marcus and Jin to get some BM homework done. We were gonna play soccer after lunch, but the rest of the dudes had already left. So we decided to go home. And on the way back, Harish and i decided to go to the Glennie Library to finish our homework. What a miserable Thursday! =(

Anyway, i thought about this intriguing perspective while i was in the shower. There was a fat housefly buzzing around the toilet and i tried to kill it with the hot air from the hair-dryer to no avail. haha! It was then that i remembered a documentary that said the housefly could see everything in slow motion. Through the eyes of a Housefly, the world was moving really slowly. And if i were to take a smack at it, my hand would look like an old lady with a walking cane.

Then i asked myself, WHAT IF we, as humans, could harness that same ability... it see the world in slow motion. In that way, we would learn to appreciate time more, think before we speak, learn to be patient, and to have the time to accomplish more tasks.

Then i thought about what the world would look like through the eyes of a blind person. I was terrified the moment i started to imagine it. We use our eyes so much in our daily lives that we take it for granted. We read, use the computer, communicate, and learn using our eyes. I shuddered at the thought that a blind person would not even know what he/she looks like! They wouldn't know what "red" looks like! And it would be impossible for a blind person to know what their life partner looks like too! But i knew that was good in a way because their marriage would be solely based on a pure and genuine love rather than on superficiality!

I reckon i take too many things for granted..

Two blind people will never give you the same description of the world..

It all comes down to the question: "Through whose eyes?"
You may look ugly through someone's eyes, yet be the most beautiful girl through another.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Falling Sick

77th. That's my X-country positioning. I couldn't believe my ears when Tommy told me that. I ran the whole 5km at a considerably quick pace, and i sprinted the last straight. I ran so hard that i'm feeling really sick now. Sigh.. 77th out of 300+!!! =( I'm disappointed, but i'm happy with the encouragements i received from many of my friends. The House Master, Mr. Roberts, even came up to me personally to shake my hand because i ran in the Under 17's instead of the Under 16's.

It's real tough competing with guys one year older than you. But i thought, i've been studying with them, playing soccer, swimming and all.. so i decided to join them in the X-country too. But i guess it's a whole different gameplan when you're talking about a 5km race which requires a develop set of lungs. Despite that, i'm satisfied with my placing as the top 24th runner in my house and the 21min timing that came along with it =) Thank God for giving me the strength and perseverance, esp at that last bend.

Despite all the odds, Yarra won by 1300 points in our age group!!! Booyah! The winner of the Cockhouse will be solely dependent on the overall winner of the X-Country... and it's all up to the Under 16's and 15's now. I hope to be hearing the good news in school tmr and adorning in the Passion of Yarra!

Oh yes, i'll continue to use a red font cuz this concerns STEPH DECIDING TO SUPPORT LIVERPOOL!!!! BOOYAH!!!! =)) I'm proud of ya Steph. Remember,

You'll Never Walk Alone! ~8)


I'm in school right now, but i can't be bothered doing any work. School's cut short today because of the Cross Country House Comp being held at Albert Park Lake. It's wierd because i don't feel nervous at all. Yarra's coming 3rd at the moment, but we'll be able to clinch the Cockhouse if we win the X-Country. I'm gonna run my guts out later, and i sure hope that my 3km runs will pay off.

Since i started running my 3km Commitment a little less than 2 weeks ago, i've only gone for 6 or 7 runs. That's a pretty bad reading for my level of commitment - 50%. haha! It's really harder than it sounds. I've come to a hypothesis that it takes two, or more, to complete the commitment. If i had someone to cheer me on and run with me, i'm pretty sure that i would have gone for more runs. The theory's the same with any marriage or relationship. There has to be a joint commitment.. one party can only contribute a maximum of 50%, the other 50 will have to come from the other half.

Youth Alive is on this Saturday. I was really pumped up for it until i heard about the price of the tickets -.-" I reckon that $15 would be well spent, but it'll be better saved. Alternatively, my dad just received 4 free tickets to the Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC game at the MCG this Sat, going on at the same time as Youth Alive. haha! I feel quite guilty ditching a Christian event for a sports one, but i think i'll go ahead with it. Jerusha and i are trying to get two other friends to join us. Probably Nick and Serene.

Alright, class is gonna start soon..

Monday, August 28, 2006

Are You Fat?

Jacilyn's currently in an "i'm-so-fat" mood and she's saying that she "hates food". lol! I love food! ~8) She can't get over the fact that Haus, Tony and Keith called her "fat" yesterday. haha! i find it really odd that that's the phenomenon with all girls. I used to think that it was a cliche that SOME girls conform to, but it sure looks like its a real issue.

I made a casual remark that Janice was heavy during the recent Fungus rally and she actually REMEMBERED it after so many weeks!! -.-""" So she started bagging me and all, while all i could do was to apologise. What's wrong with being heavy? or fat for that matter? Are girls afraid that guys wouldn't like the way they look? But...haiz... i was gonna say that love cuts through the flesh and into the heart. I hope this phrase doesn't become just a cliche in the future, cuz i truely believe in it.

This week's going to be crazy for me. I've gotta memorise my entire Chinese detailed study oral project on Jackie Chan for an extremely important SAC this Saturday. And i've made a commitment to memorise one paragraph every night of the week. haha! Something tells me that it won't work, but i'm determined to make it work =) Pray for me!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Youth Sunday

My thighs are killing me right now.. they're not just sore, they're hurting even when i don't move them!!! I hope they'll be alright before the X-Country this Wednesday. I'm contemplating about wagging it since i've got many pussy friends that have already decided to wag it =D Oh, my thighs are hurting cuz i ran 4.5km on Friday, 2 km uphill and 2.5 on flat ground PLUS an awesome, but exhausting, time of soccer today =))

Jerusha and i went down to FGA today for Youth Sunday. It went really well. Angela and Ragel put up an awesome beatboxing/rapping show, the beat bouncers rocked the house with their sizzling hot moves. haha! They looked really congested on that small stage, but they still did well. I feel really wierd now that i'm not part of that. I guess we all have to make sacrifices in our lives. I think of it as weighing up Soccer and Dancing on my free-time weighing scale. Sigh.. i wish i had a little more time.

Chris' message was really good. I couldn't get everything he said last week, but hearing it a second time drilled everything into my head. haha! After the service, we spent close to 3 hours packing the place up... my thighs were hurting from my 4.5km run on Friday, but i helped out till my arms were sore as! It was pretty fun though. Jacilyn, Nick, Jerusha, Pete and Aviel were having a duck-tape fight while Shaun and i were folding up the curtains. haha!

Soccer was dead fun today. Jerusha, Keith, Hamus (Star Defender!!!), Yvonne, Aaron, William, Franny, Jasmine, Sarah and i were up against Nick, Qynn, Ian, Wudok, Angie, Daniel, Josh, Jacilyn, Darren and Tim. -.-" That's extremely imbalanced.. but we managed to thread some AWESOME passes, one-two's, got some nimble movement on and off the ball, Sarah was working hard at making some Fantastic tackles, Yvonne plucked up enough courage to header the ball! William was working hard down the left flank, Jerusha was dominant in midfield, i was struggling to keep up with the pace of the game, while Hamus was a ROCK in defence!!!!! BIGGEST TANK EVER!! After much thought, I managed to derive an equation for his prowess:

Hamus = (2.5561Nick + 2.5562Isaac - 1.5562 Stevie G)^10

Dig? haha! Well, Jerusha grabbed the first goal with a firm, well-placed shot into the bottom corner after a one-two with me. I got the second goal by slotting it into the bottom corner too =) 2-0. Then they came back to score two more goals - One by Tim and the winner by Wudok.

I had a great day.. i'm staring at a tremendous amount of work this week and i'll probably be in a rather bad mood after tonight's rest. But i'll smile for now =) Thank God for today!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Caleb's Coming...

I just got back from FGA. I've got mixed feelings right now. One part of me is feeling rather disappointed after stuffing up my BM SAC today despite all the time and effort poured into it. I even woke up at 5am to study for it this morning. Sigh.. Yet another part of me is thankful for the precious friends i have at Fungus and at school.

Jin was trying to cheer me up throughout the Chem Prac at the end of the day. And Phan got me to laugh with his dopey looks. haha! Then i had a nice chat with Jenny during the study group. I got to know her much better, we talked about horror movies, scary dolls, drinking, night clubs and all. haha! It was hilarious.

Then there're people like Audrey, Sarah, Jasmine, Jacilyn, Franny, Keean and Tony that remind me of what is it to be young.. to have a life that's not so pressurised with work. If only i could have a mind so carefree!

My dad just informed me that Caleb, my good cousin, is coming to Australia tomorrow! Booyah! I can't wait to see him! I sure hope he hasn't changed much. Dunno what i can do with him, but i'll try to take him around the city and all.

Oh, i've been too tired to keep up with my 3km commitment, but i pulled my socks up and finished an amazing run today! I'm elated with myself. I think i ran a little more than 4km today considering that i had to jog up steep hills.

When you think life's cruel, have a look around... it's really not so bad afterall!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

You're Beautiful

Today was a really dry day. It was raining the whole day, but it still felt dry. Hardly anyone rocked up to school. I headed straight home with Marcus after school. No Soccer :(

Like the new song?

I know it shouldn't be on my blog, but i was just wondering if it would ever happen to me. How terrible is it to pass by a gal that's just so beautiful, feel the longing for her, yet know that you'll never be together... and all you can do is to watch her in a crowded place, watch her smile, laugh and play, but never knowing how you felt?

Gotta get back to BM.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Shef - The Rising Star?

I got angry with Jase today. I know i shouldn't be petty and all, but i think that's the last straw. Sigh.. he's been such a good friend to me over the past year or so, but i was extremely hurt by his smart-arse comments today. Sometimes it makes me wonder who my true friends really are, those who are always there for me. Not some coward that cowers behind me for shelter when i'm strong, then takes the opportunity to get a stab at me when i'm down, before ditching me when i'm in trouble.

I was a semi-decent chat with Sarah last night. It changed my perception of her a little. I've always thought that she was a gullible and innocent young gal that didn't have a clue what was going on in the world around her. haha! I'm not inferring that she's not innocent... but it's a pity that i was too caught up with work to respond quickly enough.

Oh! Something extremely crazily wierd just happened! Shef, this year 10 dude in my school, messaged me on MSN about something urgent. The convo went like this:

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
hey isaac
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
i think this is really really random
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
but i prayed about this

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
hey man

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
and i said make the guy i would need to talk to pop up
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
and u popped up
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
so ur my man
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
the thine i want to ask is

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
what do you mean?

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
read this first

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. sends:

You have successfully received C:\Documents and Settings\Isaac\Desktop\leaders meeting 2006.txt from [j-unit] rendezvous point...

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
i have a problem and i prayed and said make the guy i should talk to pop up
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
and u poped up
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
so basicly ur the guy to tell me

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
yep, i just finished reading that

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
should i speak at the conference or not

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
are you serious man?

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
i don't even know what you're gonna speak abt

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
leadeing from the heart

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
and what was your probleM/

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
my problem was
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
whether to speak there or not
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
becase it'll be my first 'sermon'
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
so i'd be new
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
or do u think i should get someone else
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
who has quialifications
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
btw, i attend a youthgroup called Fungus which is in Surrey Hills
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
yea i know
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
yea, abt this event..
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
how many pple are going to be there
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
and do they all know you?

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
not all of them know me
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
may have heard of me
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
some of them do kow me
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
some of them don;t
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
as to the numbers
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
i was expecting 20
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
but God has blessed me
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
and now i have no idea
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
seems to be abit more than that
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
hey, i was just reminded of Isaiah
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:

I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
when God asked "Who shall i send, and who shall go forth for me?"
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
"Here i am, send me."
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
if you're willing to let God use you
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
and i can see that your passion for Christ knows no ends
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
go for it, cuz the Lord will be with you
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
ur da man
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
but remember to be in constant prayer
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
and i will pray for you too

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
yea thanks heaps
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
come students alive someday
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
hear me share
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
apparenlty it's alrite
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
thanks man
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
u helped heaps
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
no worries
I love you, Jesus =) ¡§ªªÇ says:
i admire your courage and your passion

[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
don't admire me
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
im a coward and a sluggard
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:
trst me i am
[j-unit] rendezvous point.. says:

How cool's that?! God's so real!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not All About Commitment Afterall

I've got a whole lot of studying to get through tonight, but i thought i'd post something intriguing that i realised yesterday. As you all know, i'm currently on a personal challenge to run 3km everyday. I ran it in 12mins on my first go, then 10mins on my second, and i didn't time my third run (which was at church). I took a break on the weekend because my legs were feeling all numb.

I felt really tired yesterday, but i was determined to continue with my test of commitment. I took a route that was a little longer just to test my stamina; probably just under 4km. It started off pretty well but i started to feel a sharp throbbing pain in my left ankle and in my right thigh. I continued running till i reached the 2km mark before i decided that the pain was too much to handle. I don't know what caused the pain. It may have been the shoes or simply an over-exersion on the muscles.

So i walked for about 10 minutes. It was rather pleasant taking huge breaths of the cool fresh air. The sun looked picturesque partially blocked off by the tower mountains quite a distance away, with its golden rays giving the clouds a little orangy lining. I had a lot on my mind then, so i took the opportunity to pour it all out to my Saviour.

The pain subsided after a while. It was then that i realised commitment wasn't everything. i realised that all i've ever had, everything that i am, and all that i'll ever be is from God. Determination, Perseverance and Commitment are just forms of encouragement. i've always highly-regarded, and longed for these three characteristics. But i failed to realise that God is the one that helps me overcome tough obstacles. I've always thought that i was naturally good at soccer and running, but thinking back... it must have been God. He's been helping me run those 3 kilometres everyday, not my commitment nor my perseverance.. much less my ability.

I've grown to realise that i have to be totally dependent on God because he's the only one i can rely on, and he empowers me to do greater things. I want the world to know that i'm nothing, but that God's EVERYTHING. He's the good soccer player, he's the fast sprinter, he's the one that composes the songs, he's the one that can play the guitar, he's the one that makes me laugh and smile.

Not everything is possible no matter how much Commitment you have.
But EVERYTHING is possible with God.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

EPL's BACK!!! Booyah!

Another shaggy, action-packed Saturday. I just got back from TSFX tuition in the city and i'm feeling exhausted right now. I skipped my 3km run today because my knees are starting to hurt and my hamstrings are aching. Everyone's telling me to take a break, and i think i really should. It's too dark and cold to go running now anyway. Sigh.. here's the first loop in my test of commitment!

Harish and i were going to take the train down to the city this arvo when we realised that the entire Glen Waverley line wasn't running -.-" But my dad was kind enough to drive us down to Nunawading instead. Coincidentally, we met Nhat, Anthony and his girlfriend at the station too! All trying to find alternative means of getting to the city... so they hitched a ride with us. haha! It was really funny because Nhat, Anthony and Harish have got really different characters and i haven't seen them mixing around in school. haha! dw..

I'm supposed to be at Tim's house right now for cell group, but i can bearly keep my eyes open. But more importantly, THE EPL'S STARTING AGAIN TONIGHT!!! BOOYAH!!! And the first game's Liverpool vs Sheffield Wednesday! haha! I'm gonna try to get some work done before the game, but adrenaline's running through my whole body even now..

I don't believe in horoscopes or any of those fortune telling things, but i read this extremely stereotypical email from Shavin today, characterising personality based on the month that the person was born in. I was wondering how true it was... it read:

"October- Loves to chat. Loves those who love them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn't pretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Brave and fearless. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care to control emotions. Unpredictable. Extremely smart, but definitely the hottest AND sexiest of them all. "

It's wierd how SOME of these random facts can be true.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sight of Hearts

I sacrificed my double free today to help Stevie T coach the Year 10 Yarra Soccer Team in the Junior House Soccer Competition down at Fawkner Park today. haha! I didn't really enjoy the games (which were a total disappointment), but i guess i went down just to support Stevie since he seemed really passionate and committed to the task. That's what true friends are for. Well, the quality of the Soccer wasn't too bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. To cut things short, we lost 2-1 to Forrest (the comp winners) and we secured 3rd placing with a 1-0 victory over Como. haha!

I stuck to my commitment and ran the 3km today despite the soreness in my right thigh from the previous runs. My past record was 3km in 12mins and i was DYING to beat that, so i started off with a steady and confident pace. About midway through, i felt a sharp pain in my left knee which forced me to stop jogging for a bit. So i took a short 3 minute walk along the pathway beside Camelot Primary School.

Then it started to drizzle, but i took the time to appreciate the rain, the scenery and the little children playing in the playground in the school. I took off immediately after the pain subsided, and i felt a strong surge of fresh energy pumping through my legs as though they were all ready to RIP! haha! I had taken 6 minutes to get through halfway and i was aiming to break that 12min mark, so i decided to run at an even faster rate. It was 5.05 when i started running again. I was listening to my MP3 so i couldn't hear how hard i was panting, but the people that i passed stared at me in shock. haha! I tried my best to maintain that surprisingly fast pace till i got back to my house. Then i looked at my watch - 5.09pm!!! BOOYAH! That's 10 MINUTES IN ALL!! I'm elated at how commitment works. I don't know how i'm gonna break that 10minute mark, i guess i'd have to sprint half of the distance... maybe i'll be able to sprint the whole 3km by next week, who knows? Commitment does wonders! =)

I just read a verse from the bible that read:

"He (Jesus) said to them, ' You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight.' "
- Luke 6:15

How true is that? I was quite shocked at what happened today. Jin and Phan came to school with their hair fancifully dyed for $70. Jin had purple streaks and Phan had bright blue ones. haha! I reckon they look cool, and there's nothing wrong with dying one's hair! But what shocked me was the response of some people in school. I heard many people talking about their hair, who don't usually talk to them, saying, "Jin's got cool hair now!" and "Do you know David Phan? He's got blue streaks now!"

I'm thankful that God looks at the hearts of men and that we don't have to justify ourselves before him. I was amazed at those comments because they're so stereotypical! How does dying Jin's hair make him cool only NOW? Why do people notice Phan only NOW? Jin has always been a great friend to me and Phan has always been a great pal! Dying their hair doesn't make them any cooler than they already are.

I was quite hurt when i asked Jin what was the official colour that he dyed his hair with and he replied by asking me whether i was thinking if dying my hair too. Sigh.. i thought that he would know me a little better than just someone that likes to jump into trends just to look "cool". I'd rather be someone that's transparent, so that when someone looks at me, they'll see my intentions instead of my actions, my smile instead of my face, my mind instead of my hair, and my heart instead of my open arms.

I'm just using them as examples.. but i feel that it'll be a great challenge not to be caught up in justifying who we are, and treating phoney friends as though they were with us since the beginning. True friends are those who've been through the tough and thin with ya, who have shown that they won't even show a hint of hesitation when you need help.

So look deep my friends, don't be deceived and don't neglect.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Committed Fool

I'm beginning to feel like a committed fool. People have been telling me that they're not committed enough and all. haha! It's kindda funny in a way, but it makes me wonder if being committed actually has its benefits. I just told Steph about my theory relating jogging with relationships:

If someone's committed enough to run 3km (or more) everyday, that person would be committed enough to maintain a relationship.

You don't have to agree with me. It's just something i believe in. haha! I don't think i have that commitment, but i sure will try my best to prove it! =)

The Fungus Album's due to be produced in about 2 to 3 months and we're only in the rough stages of production. Stanley's been really busy with work and all, and i feel that he's lacking a lil initiative. And i feel that i'm WAY too young to persuade him or motivate him, but i'm glad that Chris approached me on Sunday and asked me to compile all the songs for him to have a listen to. I told him that i'll get it done in two weeks. Let's see if i meet my commitment! haha!

School was pretty relaxing today despite me flunking a Chemistry test. I was supposed to go for Athletics training to prepare for next week's competition at Knox, but Stevie T and i decided to wag Aths and go for Soccer!!!! BOoyah!! LOL! I think i just got myself into the BIGGEST trouble ever... i'm looking at a detention this friday in addition to a black mark across my name. haha! But i don't care. I had a great time at Fawkner Park today.

I was too tired to complete the 3km today, but i guess all that running on the soccer pitch would have added up... so i'm just gonna count that as a pass!

I just found out how to ENTER piczo blogs!! LOL! Sarah, Steph, Angie, Grace, Danica and Jasmine have got blogs there. I've been to the FRONT PAGES, but i never knew that i was supposed to CLICK on the page in order to get in! haha! Anyway, i just wanna thank Jamine and Sarah for putting so much time and effort into the personal dedications! =)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

3km Commitment

Commitment. I've always supported the fact that Commitment comes before Love, and that it is one of the most important things in life. I believe that one can almost do anything if one puts in a 100% commitment. Well, it's obviously easier said than done.. and i've been doubting if i'm committed enough.

Am i committed enough to go into a serious relationship? Right now, i don't think so.

The VCE Exams are creeping up behind my back and they'll be just around the corner in NO TIME. I've been trying to commit myself to doing some serious Chinese, but i never seem to be submerge fully into the river of commitment.

I was thinking about the possibility of me becoming overweight like what happened to be dad before. I was also reminded of my decreasing fitness; i USED to be able to run a whole lot more before getting cramps, not anymore!

So i decided to pull up this little test which i shall proudly call my "3km Commitment". Yea, that sounds impossible but my plan is to run 3km after school everyday at a really fast pace. I've been planning to do this for ages, but i've been found wanting.

Well, i completed my first 3km today in 12 minutes. That's 250m/min, or 4.17m/sec. haha! I don't know what i should compare it to, but i'll take my time tmr to evaluate my progress. My goals? To prepare for the House Cross Country on the 30th, to increase my stamina, burn up the excess fat on body, improve my fitness and most importantly, to increase my level of Commitment! =)

Monday, August 14, 2006


The issue of Humility is aroused yet again. God's been telling me that i have to be humble. I just realised that i have this really bad temper, and i never knew why until today, it's because of pride.

Last Friday night, we went down to Mc Donald's to get supper before going to play street soccer at Box Hill. Keean and John followed me across the road to the local Subway store and we ordered the chicken and bacon foot-long. John was on a speech-fast, so we had to order for him. It was really funny when the dude asked him what toppings he would like, and John pointed at the vast variety of vegetables and waved his hands so profusely that he looked like he was doing a mime. lol!

Anyway, on our way back to the van, some aussie dudes wanted to pick a fight with us. I had my hand on the handle of the entrance to Macca's when some dude sitting on the bench behind us mimicked what i had said just before, "Shucks! We've gotta hurry up!" in an extremely pussy-like tone. I turned around only to see 6 20 year-olds glaring at me with the words "I ought to get bashed!" on their foreheads. Well, one against six weren't wise odds, so i walked away cowardly. But something within me was DYING for revenge and i told Qynn to stop the van just outside Macca's as i shouted, "Hey Punks! Bacon this!" and we drove away. Man! The six retards were so angry that one of them jumped on the table and started swearing and making all kinds of gay-like signs with his fingers. One of them stupidly ran after our van -.-"

I didn't have a clue what i was saying, but with hindsight, i should've said "Jesus loves you!" or something along those lines. In fact, i don't know if i should have just forgiven them on the spot. That's not that only time that someone tried to pick a fight with me this weekend. Some grown-up aussie dude growled "Fuck Out!" in a exceedingly sinister tone just because i was in his way at Melbourne Central Station. Again, my pride sparked off the anger within me again as i thought about confronting him... but he had walked too far away by the time i recovered from the shock.

Well, i've decided to be really humble from now on. I'm gonna keep a low-profile. Accept that people can be really mean in this world. But i shall remain the bigger man and let God deal with him. Vegeance sure is sweet...but it belongs to the Lord. Forgiveness is even sweeter anyway.

I had a really exciting weekend, so i'll post a lil more. A coincidental freaky misunderstanding arose on Saturday after chinese school. Marcus told me that he was having lunch with his mum and Jerusha had to go home. I was gonna meet Harish at the station at 1pm and i had half an hour to kill, so i thought i'd look for Charmaine's b-day present at The Glen (She wanted an apple cuz my nickname's apple -.-")

Hazel also wanted to get some face cream from The Glen. Hazel is a friend of Marcus and my sister, but i don't know her well. Anyway, had a chat with her along the way there. We were happily having a conversation, and i was actually asking her how she knew Marcus, when Marcus and his mum walked into The Glen! LOL! The situation looked extremely wierd and i could see it on Marcus' face! O.o" haha! He thought that we were going out or something, and i felt really wierd. Anyway, i told him what i was there for... hope he believes me. Cuz i'm really telling the truth. *twitching eyebrow*

Oh, Fungus was pretty relaxing yesterday. I finally got to play soccer with Qynn and the group.. it wasn't as fun because most of the older dudes weren't there, but the young gals and guys were fun to be around. Eamon (massive rock-solid keeper), Ian (Awesome crosser of the ball), Darren(Dude who calls for the ball and loses it immdiately), Yvonne (the poison ball), Jacilyn (the gal who trips because of nothing), Aline (Qynn's arch-adversary), Jordan (the young kid whose toes i touched) and John (speechless dude that tried to order a footlong at Subway!) were on my team and we were up against Qynn (My fellow liverpool legend!), Nick (Miserable Man Utd supporter), Angie (the defector who collided into me), Keith (the DOTA nerd), Jasmine (The who likes calling out "Peanut!!"), Aaron (Beckham wannabe), Sarah (the beauty queen with a whole tonne of "admirers"), Keean (The dude who got nutted and tried jumping to relief the pain) and Joshy-wa-wa (The man with no name who claims to be Zinedine Zidane).

Well, we got owned 4-1... but i managed to clinge the Mercy Golden Goal with a left footed drive after rounding "the dude that got nutted and tried jumping to relief the pain"! Booyah!!! I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone who played yesterday!! =)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pacific House

Lunch with Stevie T. was awesome today! A few wierd things happened. We played soccer for an hour or so after school while waiting for Harish, Jamie and Duc. I've been having a terrible cold for the past few days, and i felt the effects of it as i "TRIED" to play soccer.. i couldn't pass, i couldn't dribble, i couldn't tackle... worst game ever -.-"

Anyway, Harish joined us at 2pm while Jamie and Duc ditched us -.-" So we walked up to Pacific House for lunch. I rushed out the restaurant not long after we sat down to buy a cake for Jase and Stevie under the excuse, "I'm gonna look for a toilet". LOL! I ran down the street looking for the Jam Factory, but i couldn't find it ran up the street in the opposite direction to the post bakery outside South Yarra station and i bought a small slice of appetising strawberry cheesecake which cost $4. The dude at the counter sounded british, and he looked extremely reluctant when i told him i wanted to take it away. The conversation went something like this:

Isaac: Could i take it away, please?
Dude: What?
Isaac: Could i get a takeaway?
Dude: *Looks irritated and confused*
Isaac: Could you like... put it in a small box or something? -.-"
Dude: oh, a box!

Anyway, i paid for it and rushed to get back to the restaurant. The moment i crossed the road, i realised that i had forgetten that i was Jase's birthday too!!! lol! So i rushed back in the shop. The dude starred at me with menacing eyes as i apologised profusely while ordering another scrumptuous strawberry cheesecake.

I finally got back to Pacific House. Tommy had order some wierd dish for me, i think it was Chow Guo Tiao. haha! Anyway, we had a great meal but what happened at the end was just AWKWARD. When the lady handed me the bill on my request, and i immediately went "WHOA!" in the hope that my friends will get shocked and think that there was a MASSIVE bill. But that backfired completely when the lady that handed me the bill starred at me oddly (according to Steven). haha!

Things grew awkward when both Stevie and Jase reached for their cakes and started eating. Jase's face turned pale after the first bite and exclaimed that he couldn't eat cheese. lol! He was like, " Is this a cheesecake?!?!?!?!" At that moment, Stevie also said that he didn't like cheese. Man! What are the odds that two birthday boys would hate cheese?!?!?! Jase also said that he didn't like chocolate cakes -.-""" Jase, what kind of cake DO you eat?!
So we split Jase's AWESOME strawberry cheesecake among ourselves, but Stevie finished his probably outta respect for me. haha!

The bill added up to $67 for the nine of us: Harish, Marcus, Jonno, Jin, Banh, Tommy, Jase, Stevie T and myself. And we were SUPPOSED to give Jase and Steven a treat but it went THE OTHER WAY AROUND -.-""" LOL! Stevie had just won $100 through the World Cup sweepstakes and he was feeling rich, so he offered to pay for us -.-" and the dudes TRIED EXTREMELY HARD to "REFUSE" the offer. I was like.. NO!!!! but what can you do when the odds are all against ya? =P Thanks Stevie!

I'm gonna return the cash to him though. The fact that he actually OFFERED to pay $67 for all of us proves that we mean a lot to him.. that's a true friend right there. So i'll write him a little note just to thank him with the $67 enclosed in it. And i'll slot it into his locker some time tomorrow. haha! That'll be cool. =)

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthdays to Jase and Stevie!

Just wanna say Happy Birthday to Jase (yesterday) and Stevie T! I feel terrible now cuz i haven't found the time to get them presents. I spoke to the dudes today, and one of them (not mentioning whom!) feels that it's time to stop with the present-giving. I kindda agreed with him, so i just called Stevie to wish him well and to invite him for a birthday lunch tomorrow. haha! It's a pity that Jase can't join us as he has to collect something from somewhere (as usual) -.-"

I've gotta make it up to Jase. I'll probably get him something small and meaningful. These guys have been such great friends, they probably know me better than most of my other friends... i enjoy being around them. And we share the same passion for Soccer. However, my friendships with them are rather different. Stevie T and are have similar styles of play in soccer and we respect and complement each other on the pitch. Jase is, AND BELONGS!, in the goals.. i spend most of my time protecting and bagging him! haha!

I ran in the 100m individual race for the All Schools Knockout Athletics Tournament yesterday. Firstly, i have to say that i'm severely disadvantaged because i had to compete in the Senior Division although my birthday's on the 18th of October 1990 -.-"" I was probably the youngest competitor in the Senior Division. Anyway, i think i clocked in at 11.5 secs, which is my personal best, but that only earned me the 4th spot -.-" I'm not too flustered about that cuz my good friend, Jamie, who is also the fastest runner in school came 2nd and the other dudes were at least 2 years older than i am, and thus, tankier =)

I was devastated when was handed my VCE information sheet for Chinese SL; it read:

Chinese SL VCE Examination
Date: 18/10/06

I was like o.O"" I've never had to sit for an important exam on my birthday before. Shucks!!!! Looks like i'm gonna be studying my guts out on just before my birthday period.. haha! It's 2 months away and i'm still EXCEEDINGLY unprepared =( Well, at least my birthday's coming soon.. and i'll be able to learn to drive!!! Boo Yah!! =)

Oh, it's Singapore's National Day today... so i'll try to remember as much of the National Anthemn as i can.... sing after me!!!

Marikita ya yasing gapu rasa
Sayang mamen nuju behagi ya
Chita chita chi tayang muliya
Berjaya Singapura!

Samuah chita bersatu
Demaghat namen bersaru
Samuah chita bersatu
Majulah Singapura
Majulah Singapura!!!!!

PS. There's more, but i can't be stuffed writing it out =D

Monday, August 07, 2006

Week of Freedom

I've never thought of what it would be like living without my parents. I take them for granted most of the time. I chuck my dirty clothes into the basket for dirty laundry and they appear back in my wardrobe. I pop snacks and gobble my dinner and breakfast down in a rush without considering how much effort has been poured into preparing those meals.

Well, my grandparents(mum's side) arrived from Singapore last Monday and my parents have taken them for the long drive up to Sydney for the entire week. They left on Sunday arvo and they'll be back on Saturday. Jerusha's like the mum now, and i'm like... erm.. isaac? haha! I do the dishes and cut the fruits while she prepares lunch for tmr. It's not too bad cuz my grandmum's still here to cook dinner and all.

It won't be long till i'm fully independent. One more year actually. I'll be going back to Singapore for National Service at the end of next year. I'm kindda looking forward to it cuz it'll be a significant step, probably the biggest one, to maturity. I'll learn how to cook, how to bash thugs, hunt animals and pitch tents. lol!

The Athletics All Schools Knockouts are on tmr, and it's Jase's birthday too. I feel terrible now cuz i kindda forgot to buy him a present -.-"" lol! My plan is to sneak through the first three periods without him noticing me before rushing outta school for the Athletics tournament. haha! It's gonna be a tough day tmr, and i don't know what time i'll get home cuz my parent's aren't around to pick me up -.-" But i'll make it through.

A Week of Freedom. Hmm.. Freedom that i've always wanted to embrace. But sentiment's holding me back. Sigh... it has to happen someday.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Denim Nation

I would love to say that last night's rally was a bang. But it was more like a bang from an old gun with dirty and rusty barrels. Jerusha and i got to church at 8am tomorrow with heavy eye lids to help set up the Kew High School hall. In my opinion, there was a lack of communication from the various departments. Everyone had a vague idea of what was going on, but that wasn't good enough. The dance was 90% completed at 11pm the night before, and we were really under prepared.

The bang was fired from an old rusty gun, but i thank God for guiding it through the hearts of many. Sure, the lighting and sound were fantastic, top-class. The MC's did an awesome job entertaining the crowd with their hilarious *coughs* jokes. The backstage crew cooperated well with Qynn, and the dancers ripped the stage apart as Altered Frequency blew the roof off! But more importantly 20+ teenagers were saved! Praise the Lord!

I was glad Jin, Banh, Phan, Victory, Jack and Tommy came down for the rally =) Thanks for the support guys! I didn't get the chance to entertain them much cuz i had to rush around with the dance and the backstage. But i sure hope they enjoyed themselves. After the rally, we sat around a concrete edge outside the school and we siezed the opportunity to show off their "Vocal" talents. lol! We sang songs like "As long as you love me" and "My love". haha! Everyone gave us wierd stares, but who cares?

I was extremely stressed out yesterday cuz i had to practice the dance at 1pm, and then rush to the city for tuition from 2.30pm to 4.30, and then rush back as quickly as possible for the full dress rehearsal at 5pm. Well, i only got back just before 6 and had missed most of the rehearsal. As a result of that, i bumped into Ruth near the end of the dance!!!!! x.x"" LOL! I was kindda depressed because of that yesterday. But thinking back now, i'm thankful that God could use me in this rally, and for giving my friends another opportunity to hear about Him. None of them responded, but i could see that some questions struck them hard by the expressions on their faces.

Thank you God =)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I learnt how to hurdle today! Booyah!! I was ranked 2nd in my school last year, and 3rd this year for the 100m Hurdles. But the problem was not that i wasn't good enough, it was because i didn't KNOW how to hurdle -.-"

Anyway, i went to Olympic Park after school along with Laios and 3 other Year 12 dudes for Athletics training. Mr.Bissetto patiently gave 3 of us a crash course on hurdling and i seized that opportunity with gratitude. We all found it extremely hard to achieve that sharp angle between the heel and the hip in order to get over the hurdles. Well, we practiced and persisted at it. My groin feels dead sore now, but i must say that i'm a whole lot more flexible =)

Yea, Bissetto was so impressed with my performance that he said he would put me into the 200m hurdles event for the All-School Knockout tournament next week. booyah! We also practiced some starts, and i beat the other 3 year 12 runners! haha! that's a double booyah!

I had lunch at Desert House ALONE -.-" Cuz all my friends had to go home, i didn't know GAB was JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!, and SO WAS MY SISTER!!! and Serene was not too far away either -.-""""" Man... the food was good, but that was one of the most pathetic lunches i've had!!!

I spent the rest of the day at church. Serene, Ruth, Pete, Shaun, Alvin and Vernis rocked up for dance prac tonight and we perfected most of the dance save for the last parts. I was so tired from Athletics training that i couldn't concentrate. There's this extremely fast part at the end that's difficult to learn, but and i was astonished when i heard that the girls have already perfected it! haha! Congrats gals, well done! Shucks... i sure hope we get it all perfected by Saturday. We're running on an extremely tight schedule!!!

My grandparents just came from Singapore today and they'll be staying with us for the next one month. Jerusha's giving up her room for them, and i'll be moving into mine. She's insisting on sleeping on the ground, and that makes me feel EXCEEDINGLY guilty... but i know she won't move even if i got David Beckham to tell her to move, so i'll just enjoy the comfort of my bed =)