Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Denim Nation

I would love to say that last night's rally was a bang. But it was more like a bang from an old gun with dirty and rusty barrels. Jerusha and i got to church at 8am tomorrow with heavy eye lids to help set up the Kew High School hall. In my opinion, there was a lack of communication from the various departments. Everyone had a vague idea of what was going on, but that wasn't good enough. The dance was 90% completed at 11pm the night before, and we were really under prepared.

The bang was fired from an old rusty gun, but i thank God for guiding it through the hearts of many. Sure, the lighting and sound were fantastic, top-class. The MC's did an awesome job entertaining the crowd with their hilarious *coughs* jokes. The backstage crew cooperated well with Qynn, and the dancers ripped the stage apart as Altered Frequency blew the roof off! But more importantly 20+ teenagers were saved! Praise the Lord!

I was glad Jin, Banh, Phan, Victory, Jack and Tommy came down for the rally =) Thanks for the support guys! I didn't get the chance to entertain them much cuz i had to rush around with the dance and the backstage. But i sure hope they enjoyed themselves. After the rally, we sat around a concrete edge outside the school and we siezed the opportunity to show off their "Vocal" talents. lol! We sang songs like "As long as you love me" and "My love". haha! Everyone gave us wierd stares, but who cares?

I was extremely stressed out yesterday cuz i had to practice the dance at 1pm, and then rush to the city for tuition from 2.30pm to 4.30, and then rush back as quickly as possible for the full dress rehearsal at 5pm. Well, i only got back just before 6 and had missed most of the rehearsal. As a result of that, i bumped into Ruth near the end of the dance!!!!! x.x"" LOL! I was kindda depressed because of that yesterday. But thinking back now, i'm thankful that God could use me in this rally, and for giving my friends another opportunity to hear about Him. None of them responded, but i could see that some questions struck them hard by the expressions on their faces.

Thank you God =)

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