Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not All About Commitment Afterall

I've got a whole lot of studying to get through tonight, but i thought i'd post something intriguing that i realised yesterday. As you all know, i'm currently on a personal challenge to run 3km everyday. I ran it in 12mins on my first go, then 10mins on my second, and i didn't time my third run (which was at church). I took a break on the weekend because my legs were feeling all numb.

I felt really tired yesterday, but i was determined to continue with my test of commitment. I took a route that was a little longer just to test my stamina; probably just under 4km. It started off pretty well but i started to feel a sharp throbbing pain in my left ankle and in my right thigh. I continued running till i reached the 2km mark before i decided that the pain was too much to handle. I don't know what caused the pain. It may have been the shoes or simply an over-exersion on the muscles.

So i walked for about 10 minutes. It was rather pleasant taking huge breaths of the cool fresh air. The sun looked picturesque partially blocked off by the tower mountains quite a distance away, with its golden rays giving the clouds a little orangy lining. I had a lot on my mind then, so i took the opportunity to pour it all out to my Saviour.

The pain subsided after a while. It was then that i realised commitment wasn't everything. i realised that all i've ever had, everything that i am, and all that i'll ever be is from God. Determination, Perseverance and Commitment are just forms of encouragement. i've always highly-regarded, and longed for these three characteristics. But i failed to realise that God is the one that helps me overcome tough obstacles. I've always thought that i was naturally good at soccer and running, but thinking back... it must have been God. He's been helping me run those 3 kilometres everyday, not my commitment nor my perseverance.. much less my ability.

I've grown to realise that i have to be totally dependent on God because he's the only one i can rely on, and he empowers me to do greater things. I want the world to know that i'm nothing, but that God's EVERYTHING. He's the good soccer player, he's the fast sprinter, he's the one that composes the songs, he's the one that can play the guitar, he's the one that makes me laugh and smile.

Not everything is possible no matter how much Commitment you have.
But EVERYTHING is possible with God.

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