Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I learnt how to hurdle today! Booyah!! I was ranked 2nd in my school last year, and 3rd this year for the 100m Hurdles. But the problem was not that i wasn't good enough, it was because i didn't KNOW how to hurdle -.-"

Anyway, i went to Olympic Park after school along with Laios and 3 other Year 12 dudes for Athletics training. Mr.Bissetto patiently gave 3 of us a crash course on hurdling and i seized that opportunity with gratitude. We all found it extremely hard to achieve that sharp angle between the heel and the hip in order to get over the hurdles. Well, we practiced and persisted at it. My groin feels dead sore now, but i must say that i'm a whole lot more flexible =)

Yea, Bissetto was so impressed with my performance that he said he would put me into the 200m hurdles event for the All-School Knockout tournament next week. booyah! We also practiced some starts, and i beat the other 3 year 12 runners! haha! that's a double booyah!

I had lunch at Desert House ALONE -.-" Cuz all my friends had to go home, i didn't know GAB was JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!!, and SO WAS MY SISTER!!! and Serene was not too far away either -.-""""" Man... the food was good, but that was one of the most pathetic lunches i've had!!!

I spent the rest of the day at church. Serene, Ruth, Pete, Shaun, Alvin and Vernis rocked up for dance prac tonight and we perfected most of the dance save for the last parts. I was so tired from Athletics training that i couldn't concentrate. There's this extremely fast part at the end that's difficult to learn, but and i was astonished when i heard that the girls have already perfected it! haha! Congrats gals, well done! Shucks... i sure hope we get it all perfected by Saturday. We're running on an extremely tight schedule!!!

My grandparents just came from Singapore today and they'll be staying with us for the next one month. Jerusha's giving up her room for them, and i'll be moving into mine. She's insisting on sleeping on the ground, and that makes me feel EXCEEDINGLY guilty... but i know she won't move even if i got David Beckham to tell her to move, so i'll just enjoy the comfort of my bed =)

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