Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sight of Hearts

I sacrificed my double free today to help Stevie T coach the Year 10 Yarra Soccer Team in the Junior House Soccer Competition down at Fawkner Park today. haha! I didn't really enjoy the games (which were a total disappointment), but i guess i went down just to support Stevie since he seemed really passionate and committed to the task. That's what true friends are for. Well, the quality of the Soccer wasn't too bad, but it wasn't spectacular either. To cut things short, we lost 2-1 to Forrest (the comp winners) and we secured 3rd placing with a 1-0 victory over Como. haha!

I stuck to my commitment and ran the 3km today despite the soreness in my right thigh from the previous runs. My past record was 3km in 12mins and i was DYING to beat that, so i started off with a steady and confident pace. About midway through, i felt a sharp pain in my left knee which forced me to stop jogging for a bit. So i took a short 3 minute walk along the pathway beside Camelot Primary School.

Then it started to drizzle, but i took the time to appreciate the rain, the scenery and the little children playing in the playground in the school. I took off immediately after the pain subsided, and i felt a strong surge of fresh energy pumping through my legs as though they were all ready to RIP! haha! I had taken 6 minutes to get through halfway and i was aiming to break that 12min mark, so i decided to run at an even faster rate. It was 5.05 when i started running again. I was listening to my MP3 so i couldn't hear how hard i was panting, but the people that i passed stared at me in shock. haha! I tried my best to maintain that surprisingly fast pace till i got back to my house. Then i looked at my watch - 5.09pm!!! BOOYAH! That's 10 MINUTES IN ALL!! I'm elated at how commitment works. I don't know how i'm gonna break that 10minute mark, i guess i'd have to sprint half of the distance... maybe i'll be able to sprint the whole 3km by next week, who knows? Commitment does wonders! =)

I just read a verse from the bible that read:

"He (Jesus) said to them, ' You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts. What is highly valued among men is detestable in God's sight.' "
- Luke 6:15

How true is that? I was quite shocked at what happened today. Jin and Phan came to school with their hair fancifully dyed for $70. Jin had purple streaks and Phan had bright blue ones. haha! I reckon they look cool, and there's nothing wrong with dying one's hair! But what shocked me was the response of some people in school. I heard many people talking about their hair, who don't usually talk to them, saying, "Jin's got cool hair now!" and "Do you know David Phan? He's got blue streaks now!"

I'm thankful that God looks at the hearts of men and that we don't have to justify ourselves before him. I was amazed at those comments because they're so stereotypical! How does dying Jin's hair make him cool only NOW? Why do people notice Phan only NOW? Jin has always been a great friend to me and Phan has always been a great pal! Dying their hair doesn't make them any cooler than they already are.

I was quite hurt when i asked Jin what was the official colour that he dyed his hair with and he replied by asking me whether i was thinking if dying my hair too. Sigh.. i thought that he would know me a little better than just someone that likes to jump into trends just to look "cool". I'd rather be someone that's transparent, so that when someone looks at me, they'll see my intentions instead of my actions, my smile instead of my face, my mind instead of my hair, and my heart instead of my open arms.

I'm just using them as examples.. but i feel that it'll be a great challenge not to be caught up in justifying who we are, and treating phoney friends as though they were with us since the beginning. True friends are those who've been through the tough and thin with ya, who have shown that they won't even show a hint of hesitation when you need help.

So look deep my friends, don't be deceived and don't neglect.

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