Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Committed Fool

I'm beginning to feel like a committed fool. People have been telling me that they're not committed enough and all. haha! It's kindda funny in a way, but it makes me wonder if being committed actually has its benefits. I just told Steph about my theory relating jogging with relationships:

If someone's committed enough to run 3km (or more) everyday, that person would be committed enough to maintain a relationship.

You don't have to agree with me. It's just something i believe in. haha! I don't think i have that commitment, but i sure will try my best to prove it! =)

The Fungus Album's due to be produced in about 2 to 3 months and we're only in the rough stages of production. Stanley's been really busy with work and all, and i feel that he's lacking a lil initiative. And i feel that i'm WAY too young to persuade him or motivate him, but i'm glad that Chris approached me on Sunday and asked me to compile all the songs for him to have a listen to. I told him that i'll get it done in two weeks. Let's see if i meet my commitment! haha!

School was pretty relaxing today despite me flunking a Chemistry test. I was supposed to go for Athletics training to prepare for next week's competition at Knox, but Stevie T and i decided to wag Aths and go for Soccer!!!! BOoyah!! LOL! I think i just got myself into the BIGGEST trouble ever... i'm looking at a detention this friday in addition to a black mark across my name. haha! But i don't care. I had a great time at Fawkner Park today.

I was too tired to complete the 3km today, but i guess all that running on the soccer pitch would have added up... so i'm just gonna count that as a pass!

I just found out how to ENTER piczo blogs!! LOL! Sarah, Steph, Angie, Grace, Danica and Jasmine have got blogs there. I've been to the FRONT PAGES, but i never knew that i was supposed to CLICK on the page in order to get in! haha! Anyway, i just wanna thank Jamine and Sarah for putting so much time and effort into the personal dedications! =)

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