Thursday, August 31, 2006

Through Whose Eyes?

School was a slight bludge today. I got bagged quite a bit for coming 77th in the X-Country yesterday, lots of my friends were having a fun time boasting that they beat me. I even heard random pple saying that they "beat isaac". haha! Well, i guess i'll have to try harder next year.

I think this is the first double-free since the beginning of the year that i actually spent studying. I went straight to the library with Harish, Marcus and Jin to get some BM homework done. We were gonna play soccer after lunch, but the rest of the dudes had already left. So we decided to go home. And on the way back, Harish and i decided to go to the Glennie Library to finish our homework. What a miserable Thursday! =(

Anyway, i thought about this intriguing perspective while i was in the shower. There was a fat housefly buzzing around the toilet and i tried to kill it with the hot air from the hair-dryer to no avail. haha! It was then that i remembered a documentary that said the housefly could see everything in slow motion. Through the eyes of a Housefly, the world was moving really slowly. And if i were to take a smack at it, my hand would look like an old lady with a walking cane.

Then i asked myself, WHAT IF we, as humans, could harness that same ability... it see the world in slow motion. In that way, we would learn to appreciate time more, think before we speak, learn to be patient, and to have the time to accomplish more tasks.

Then i thought about what the world would look like through the eyes of a blind person. I was terrified the moment i started to imagine it. We use our eyes so much in our daily lives that we take it for granted. We read, use the computer, communicate, and learn using our eyes. I shuddered at the thought that a blind person would not even know what he/she looks like! They wouldn't know what "red" looks like! And it would be impossible for a blind person to know what their life partner looks like too! But i knew that was good in a way because their marriage would be solely based on a pure and genuine love rather than on superficiality!

I reckon i take too many things for granted..

Two blind people will never give you the same description of the world..

It all comes down to the question: "Through whose eyes?"
You may look ugly through someone's eyes, yet be the most beautiful girl through another.

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