Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Passing Note..

Just thought i'd make a short note before starting work again.

Last Saturday was fantastic. God was at work yet again! The Beatbouncers actually won the hip-hop dance competition at Exo, and were invited to dance on the main stage for Youth Alive! haha! I remember Serene and Ruth telling that this had been their dream several years ago.. and it really happened when they least expected it! The joy in their hearts overflowed in the form of tears. I was genuinely happy for them. Well done! :)

Jerusha and i went to watch the Melbourne Victory VS Sydney FC game instead. We really wanted to watch the Beatbouncers bounce around on stage, but we had to save some cash.. and it was our first and only chance in the year to watch a live soccer match from a Coporate Suite. It proved to be worth it though, 2 goals and a red card in the first 15 minutes kept my on the edge of my seat. The view was SPECTACULAR from the coporate suite. loL! However, it lacked the crowded atmosphere, the smell of sweat, and the loud cheering noises. I loved it up there, but that place is for rich people, i belonged down the bottom where it's dirty. Anyway, the match ended with a thrilling 3-2 scoreline, and i picked up a neat little trick from Alessandro. Booyah!

Jerusha and i then rushed back to Rod Laver Arena to meet up with the rest that went to Youth Alive, but we caught the wrong tram, which took us some distance to the east -.-" We were LOST, but we started jogging in one direction in faith. Fortunately, we saw the MCG in a distance and made our way to Rod Laver from there. haha! I had a good chat with Danica on the train back to Box Hill. It was a pity she couldn't join us for supper. I got home at 1+ am that night.

I just had a discussion with my parents about my future job prospects, as well as the subjects that i'm going to take up next year. Well, i've always dreaded this idea, but i knew it was imminent. I feel like a hypocrite cuz i've been trying to persuade people from making this decision by encouraging them to put more effort into their work and all. But i've made a decision to drop Specialist Maths next year and take up Accounting instead. Yea, it interests me much much more, and i think it'll lessen the immense pressure that i'm experiencing even now.

Lord, thanks for being there in my lowest lows.
For lifting up me and setting me straight.
May you strengthen me that i may boldly face my foes.
It's times like these that prove there's more to life than fate.

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