Thursday, September 07, 2006

You're Beautiful

This is my 365th post. Pretty awesome huh? =)

Thanks so much for taking that step, and don't be afraid to take it again. I admire your courage, it makes shudder at how much of a coward i am. I was kindda shocked, but not for the reason that you've got in your head... i was surprised that you'd have that kindda courage. I envy you.

Life's like a ladder. You take a step up everyday of your life. It's easy most of the time, but sometimes you find a missing step and you've gotta have the guts to stretch your legs forward and use your arms to pull yourself up, and keep climbing higher. It's that ability to muster enough courage and faith that i truely admire... with each step you take, you get stronger, you learn and experience things that you've never had before. You mature.

But the time's not right. Maybe in the future things will change, who knows? You've been an awesome friend to me, and i'd rather die than to lose someone like you. You bring cheer and innocence.

Many lies are told,
But may it not be from me.
I shudder at the thought of a broken heart,
Being laid in my hands..

I want you to be happy,
I want you to see,
That the search for love is long,
But when you find it...
And may he mean it,
When he says to you,

"You're beautiful... it's true."

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