Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good Times...

Tim's birthday was a bash. I didn't have the time to blog about it, but i had fun with the scavanger hunt. We had to collect ridiculous things like a Wanton, Lobster, an egg, a red rock! haha! Anyway, Shaun, Reuben, Grace, Steph, Jasmine, Reygiel and myself were the "Sea Monkeys!" Shaun and i dashed off immediately to catch Huey in order to get bonus points. lol! It was really funny when he tried to hide in the bushes after we cornered him! haha!

We took a stroll up to my house to get most of the stuff while Pete's and Sonja's sped off in cars -.-""" Anyway, we managed to get to my house first, surprisingly. And i locked the rest outta of the house. loL! But they managed to get over the back gate and in through the back door -.-""" We were all in my room and Nick and his team suddenly barged in, grabbed my Melbourne High blazer and left -.-"" I was pretty cut then.

Our team managed to come in first place despite all the odds, but Tim relegated us to the last spot because of my misconduct -.-" See, i told all the boys to stack on Tim and i asked Jasmine to take a nice photo so that he could have a good memory of his birthday. But someone asked me what he should do with the egg that we collected in the scavanger hunt, so i suggested egging Tim with it when everyone's stacked on him. Well, it didn't turn out as planned.

I called Tim over to a grass patch and got all the guys ready for the stack on. Then Pete and i dragged him to the ground and were the first ones to stack on him. Then Shaun came along and all of a sudden there was this awkward silence. I looked around rather confused before i realised that Shaun had egged Tim, and Tim didn't receive it well by the look on his face.

Since Shaun and i were the main culprits, and we were both in the same team, Tim decided to punish us by making our team come last.

Shaun and i apologised to him several times but i'm sure he's still angry.

All i wanted to do was to give him a memorable birthday picture with us and this is how it turns out -.-"

Image006.jpgThat basically ruined the rest of the night for me. Most of the Fungus pple left for an important leaders meeting at 7.30pm and the people LEFT BEHIND were Reubz, Jerusha, Ange, Yvon, Jas, Steph, Vanessa and Jacilyn. Everyone was playing Singstar on the PS2, and all the gals really wanted me to sing. I tried, but i couldn't keep up with the rapping and the hardcore rockers. haha! I'll sing a love song or a Chinese song, but not bloody Black Eyed Peas!

We took Aud out for Supper at Maccas because it was her birthday too. It wasn't anything much, just Nick, Pete, Shaun, Jerusha, Sonja, Franny, Aud, Josh and myself. Josh stayed over that night to play DOTA on my cable internet. lol!

I just came back from an AWESOME trip to Lakes Entrance. We set off at 6am on Saturday on a 4hour drive up. There were 3 families up there, listing: Uncle James and Joseph, Aunty Annie and Sarah, Charmain, Shauna, Daniel, Tim, Jonathan, Jeremy, Jerusha, my parents and i =) Well, we had lunch at the local RSL there -.-" The food was decent, but i just don't like being surrounded by old folks.

Then we took another 1hour drive down to the Buchan caves. These caves were special because they have those limestone spikey thingos hanging from the top and bottom. lol! I really should take note of their scientific names. Anyway, it was pretty exciting because the pathways in the tunnel were congested, dark and damp. The spikey-looking thingos were fascinating too!

It was getting dark when we got back to Lake's Entrance, so Tim, Charmaine, Shauna, Jerusha and i decided to catch the sunset along the 90 Mile Beach. AWw!! The view was SPECTACULAR! UNBELIEVEABLE! Man, the beauty of God's wonderful creations captured within my eyes. I took my slippers off and felt the soft cool sand running through my toes and brushing gently against my sole. The radiant rays of the sun just behind a translucent cloud making it look like a gold nugget and giving the sky a tinge of orange which contrasted perfected with the dark blue sky. The sound of the waves by the beach capped it off in a semi-serene atmosphere. That's beauty.

That's Charmaine and Tim in the Buchan caves!

We had a barbe that night and we turned in early. We woke up at 6am today and got ready for a fishing trip on Lake Tyers at 7am. The mums stayed at home. I managed to catch 3 fish, Jerusha caught 2 Breams and a flathead, Charmaine was really tired and she kept leaning on my back trying to take a nap, but i think her first fish got her all hyper again. She managed to catch 3! Tim caught 3 too..and my dad caught 3. haha! I love that number! I can't remember how many the rest got, but no one caught nothing, and we ended up with 20+ fish! Booyah!

It's times like this that i'll never forget. Oh Charmaine, you still have my little band thingo!

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