Thursday, September 14, 2006

Worried Sick

We constantly hear the phrase "Worried Sick".. but i just had a real taste of the much overused phrase in reality. Harish fell sick yesterday, which was one day after the Business Management Trial Exam. He had been studying so hard over the weekend that his body couldn't take it anymore.. he even threw up the moment he got outta bed.

Well, Harish was perfectly fine at school today. But it was my turn to hit the bed. I was feeling really tired in the morning, and i could feel a slight inflammation in my nasal passage, but it attributed it all to the tasty durian that i had last night and dismissed the threat without much concern.

I still left terribly lethargic when i got to school, so i decided to play soccer just to give my brain a good workout.. but that proved to be a foolish decision. The game was good, i could feel the sudden change in my body as i started to get weaker and weaker as time passed. I was stoned by the second period, my mind was plagued with migrains and my legs felt like jelly. I was struggling to keep my eyes open!

I knew i was falling sick, but i didn't wanna admit it. I even had to sit for a Chemistry Prac write-up -.-" Anyway, i resisted the temptation to play soccer after school and i headed straight home with Chen. We had a good chat on the train ride home, but i was feeling extremely terrible..

My legs have never felt so weak in my entire life! I don't think i could kick a ball. I was struggling to keep my balance. I took a bus home, got outta my uniform, gulped down a glass of water and jumped straight to bed. I slept from 2.30 to 7pm -.-" But i woke up at ever 1 hour interval.

I'm feeling a little better now, but my eyes are burning.. and i've gotta memorise my Chinese Oral for Saturday -.-" Sigh, i hope the migrains don't come back.. it's the last day of school tomorrow and i really wanna go out with my friends after that.. i don't wanna be chained up at home just because of a sickness..

haha! i don't even know what made me fall sick, but my mum told me that that's usually the case for students who study too hard. The body tries its best not to fall sick before the exam, and it just dies out straight after the exam. That's what happened to Harish, and i presume that what's happening to me now.

Sigh... Worried Sick? It's true.. worrying too much does get you sick. Terribly Sick.

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