Tuesday, September 12, 2006

BM Trial Exam

The exam wasn't as hard as i expected it to be. I'm actually pretty happy with how i fared, but i had a few doubts as i discussed a few questions with Harish and Archit on the train ride home.

The exam went for 2hr and 15 min from 1.50pm till 4.05pm -.-" I finished the exam at 3.30pm and i tried to make full use of my time by checking an rechecking my answers, but there wasn't much that could be changed anyway.

Oh, i was so tired and brain dead by the time i got to the last question that i had this sudden mental block that hindered my from spelling correctly -.-" It was the WORST feeling ever. I experienced a huge difficulty in writing the word "discussion". It took me 5 attempts and 5 cancellations before i got it right! LOL!

1st Attempt: Descussions
2nd Attempt: Descusion
3rd Attempt: Decusions

4th Attempt: Disscusions
5th Attempt: Disccusion
6th Attempt: Discusion
7th Attempt: Discussion!

LOL! I feel more relaxed now that i've got that over and done with. But realistically, that was just the beginning. Oh, Roger Federer won the US Open for the 3rd consecutive time! What a Tennis Legend! If only Liverpool could be just as successful as he is =)

Ohoh! Liverpool are playing Chelsea this Sunday night and i'm gonna try to organise something with Qynnie. I'm looking at something like.. Fungus in the arvo, Soccer after Fungus, Dinner after Soccer and then we'll go to Alvin's house or something (if he agrees) and we'll watch Liverpool OWN Chelsea into the wee hours of the night! Booyah! =)

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