Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hols Are Approaching..

I would usually be thrilled at the thought of the soon-approaching holidays, but not this time. I've planned to do work during the past few holiday periods, but i tend to go out so much that end up not getting anything done. So i'm not gonna plan to go out too much this time... here's my plan.

God's given me 14 full free days beginning the coming monday.

I'll spend the one day in the first week doing something with my Fungus friends. I'll probably book the futsal courts at Box Hill and organise a mini-comp. The rest of the first week will be dedicated to catching up on Methods, Specialist Maths, BM and Chinese Revision.

I'll spend one day in the second week going out with some of my school friends.. we'll probably catch a movie or have a good soccer game if there are enough players. lol! Then i'll spend that Saturday with some other friends.. i don't know.. i think Charmain, Valerie, Tim, his bros and Vernicia wanna go rock-climbing or ice-skating.. or something! So i'll probably do that.

Yea, those 14 days will fly past in no time.. then i'll get all stressed out with the VCE exams... esp the Chinese Oral on my birthday -.-"""" I hate to have my birthday on a school day! I wonder if i'll get a surprise when i get home. lol! Wishful thinking.

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