Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bloody Reds

I'm feeling dead pissed right now.

Liverpool 0 - Everton 3

What's the world coming to?!?!?!??!

So much for a local derby.

I'm utterly devastated by Liverpool's lack of form. Sigh.. i feel like crying, but i haven't cried in such a long time, i think i forgot how to..

Nick, Shaun, Gabriel, Alvin and Stan are all gonna be bagging me tomorrow. My one love, Liverpool, getting utterly raped by flukey hooligans in blue.

I really wish i could be on the pitch. Then again, as if that'll make any difference -.-"

I'm so tired that i'm starting to spout nonsense.

I just wanna get some frustration and anger out before i go to sleep.

Oh yea, it was my dad's birthday today. Jerusha and i went down to Myers to get him 2 collared t-shirts yesterday. I don't know if he'll wear them, cuz they're meant for younger people. But they'll make him look sprucier. haha!

Shucks, i'm gonna get bagging in school as well. I'll wag Monday to study for my BM exam on Tuesday. Hopefully my friends will forget all about tonight's game by Wednesday.

Many would say that Liverpool deserved to win the game, but they were short of luck.

But i'd say that they're bloody disgraceful.

They defended so badly that they might as well just NOT HAVE A DEFENCE.

The keeper played so poorly that he would have been better off throwing the ball into his own goal.

Stevie G. and Alonso looked like they were bloody playing GOLF with their legs! -.-"

Well, we lost the game with 10 men on the pitch. But these 10 men, no matter how hopeless they can be, they know that they'll Never Walk Alone. I'll taste sweet victory with them at the end of the season, and i go through the bitter defeats with humility. We're Liverpool. We're not the best team in the world. But you'll never see us stop trying!

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