Sunday, September 10, 2006

When You Say Nothing

I was planning to study a whole lot today, but some family friends came over after Fungus today to celebrate my dad's birthday over tea. So i had a few slices of the rich chocolate cake and the delicious oven-baked scones with strawberry jam and whipped cream. booyah!

Fungus was relatively quiet today because there was some leadership meeting on. Anyway, Qynn did a really good job running it. There were four new leaders introduced: Serene, Joanne, Chara and Vernis. As tradition states, all new leaders have to undergo some form of torment.

This time, they had to pick two people that they trusted most and these two people would have to put on ridiculous amounts of make-up on them to make them look "Hot". haha! Joanne picked Jerusha and i!!! BOoyah! I just grabbed some random make-up products and i had NO CLUE what each one was meant for! lol! I wonder how long gals take to put make-up on!

Anyway, i wrote the words "Hot Product" with some lip colouring (serves the same purpose as a lipstick but Joanne said it wasn't o.O" ) across Joanne's face while she stared at me with a worried look. haha! Then i grabbed this wierd pinkish brush thingo, but i didn't know how it worked until Chara showed me. haha! It turned out to be blush (i think), so i rubbed it all over Joanne's face x.O" Oh, I think Vernis lost the "beauty competition", so Shaun and Franny had to be punished. lol! They made Shaun look like a clown. Then Joanne took her revenge on me by rubbing blush on my face. haha! First time i've got blush on my face.

I found it kindda wierd today because very few of the older youths were there, and i find it pretty hard to relate to the younger ones. They're not that much younger than i (about 2 or 3 years) but i feel a sense of apprehension whenever i talk to them, and i've got no idea why. It's easy to strike up a conversation with people like Darren, Keith, Steph or Daniel. But whenever i try to start a conversation with people like Franny, Jacilyn, Jasmine, Yvonne, Angie or Sarah, i get one sentence answers that tend to lead the conversation into an awkward silence.

After Fungus today, we were having a kick at the back of the Sanctuary. Everyone was joining in save for 5 or 6 of the gals. I thought that they would feel left out or something and i wanted to go get them to join in.. but it's just hard to even find an even ground to spark a convo off. lol

I spent half an hour recording the song "When You Say Nothing At All" on the guitar, and i was going to upload the extremely fast and cute version onto my blog but it doesn't work!!!! -.-""

I love that song.. it's my favourite love song. I'll perfect it on a classical guitar and i'll play it for my wife on our wedding night =) That's my dream.

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