Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fungus Futsal!

I got my mum's computer fully infected with all sorts of viruses, malware, adware, spyware, worms and dialers yesterday. LOL! I've been spending hours and hours reading up on these stupid bugs and how to get rid of them. Sigh.. Do you know that there's a difference between spyware, malware, backdoors, worms and adware?

Anyway, i'm in the last phase of purging my mum's comp from all these thingos and hopefully i've made it faster in the process. I met up with the Fungus group for Futsal at the Whitehorse Aquatic Centre yesterday for what was one of the MOST TIRING Futsal sessions i've EVER had. lol! I was suffering from random spasms in various parts of both my legs yesterday... the pain was unfathomable and unbearable!

I booked the courts from 1-3pm, but they didn't chase us out till 5pm. LOL! That means that we played for a whole 4 hours! I can't remember who were on the other teams but the pple that came were: Jerusha, Nick, Keith, Keean, Josh, Angie, Yvonne, Jasmine, Franny, Jacilyn, Qynn, Pete, Reubz, Daniel, Adrianne, Aaron, Aaron's friend, Shaun, Darren, Sarah and myself. lol! i know i'm missing ONE person. But i really can't remember.. i'm so sorry whoever you are. *Punches myself* x.-"

Anyway, Nick, Qynn and i formed 3 separate teams. And we were playing with a rotational first-goal-wins rule. My team consisted of Darren, Daniel, Keith, Jasmine, Hamus, Adrianne, Sarah, Aaron and myself. We were by no means that best team, and it showed when we lost our first 4 games or so. lol! But we managed to force 3 consecutive wins! Booyah! Daniel scored all the goals, and then Jasmine scored two FANTASTIC BLOCKBUSTERS! I was suffering from severe fatigue because i had to run back and forth from defence to attack WAY too many times. Anyway, i managed to smash two shots in from halfway. lol!

We finally decided to call it a day at 5pm and we walked down to Box Hill for an early dinner. I had a good chat with Gab on the way down. LOL! Erm... i think i missed Gab out before x.x"
Yea, it was kindda wierd because the rest of the dudes drove down to Box Hill, but the girls were walking with us.

Anyway, we got to David and Camy's restaurant and i ordered a Shanghai Fried Noodles. But my mum called and said that she was already there and that we had to go. So Jerusha asked if we could cancel our order, but the proprietor refused -.-" Then she started to offer all kinds of peculiar and absolutely unpractical solutions but I was so tired then that i had NO CLUE what she was on about... and the atmosphere was rather noisy. lol! I was about to crack it at the lady... but Jacilyn's mum was nice and she said that they'll finish our portion.

I think it was my first time seeing Jacilyn's mum. Shaun's and Nick's mums were there too. It was really nice seeing them again. And they spoke to me as though they'd known me for ages. LOL! That's cool! =)

Oh, i promised Steph and them that i would take them on in a game of Daytona. I've got no clue how Daytona came up in the convo, but i promised i would race them on the condition that a girl scores in any of the Futsal games -.-" Well, Jasmine was the only gal that scored, and she scored 2 goals for that matter. Just wanna say that i'm dead sorry that i couldn't keep my word yesterday gals, ran outta time.

Yes, i've noticed a trend in the last two times that Fungus played Futsal. Angie and Vanessa scored two spectacular goals at Albert Park the last time, and both of them were on my team! And Jasmine scored two breath-taking ones yesterday, and she was in my team too! None of the other gals scored.

Angie, that's the reason why you didn't score yesterday :P

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