Saturday, August 22, 2009


Love is so complex that all of creation is baffled by it. Man tries to put a finger on it, but it’s erratic and unfathomable nature engulfs it whole. Love’s too big to be subject to man’s comprehension, too small to be captured by a mortal’s grasp. If it were not so, Love would mean a bag of peanuts; a mere song sung for the sake of it’s own interest. Only it’s Creator shall wield it in the palm of his hands.

Love is powerful; it’s the substance that keeps the fabric of existence in place. It’s grasp so forceful that it held Christ on the cross. Yet it’s delicate and submissive like a master washing his servant’s feet.

I’ve been thinking recently and I’ve come to a conclusion that I really don’t have much love within me.

Love is asking: “How are you?” on a Monday morning.
The lack of love is asking: “How are you?” on a Wednesday afternoon.

Love is to prepare a nice hot cup of Chai Latte for a friend.
The lack of love is to prepare a nice hot cup of Chai Latte for a friend.

Love is praying for her no matter how heavy your eyelids may be at night.
The lack of love is praying for her no matter how tired you may be.

Love is looking at his faults and knowing that his heart’s purer than his actions.
The lack of love is looking at his faults and laying down judgment within.

Love is to be genuinely interested in his life.
The lack of love is to be interested in her life.

Love is the willingness to make a complete fool of yourself just to make her smile.
The lack of love is to make a complete fool of yourself to eventually get her fooled.

Just some thoughts on a train ride...

The Anthem

Worship was amazing last Friday night.
Hallelujah! You have won the victory.
Hallelujah! You have born it all for me.
Death could not hold you down
You are the risen King
Seated in majesty
You are the risen King

The anthem was sung with such passion and sincerity. It was the first time in a long time that I was encouraged and inspired by my fellow worshippers. My spirit was bursting with joy within me as I joined voices with my friends to proclaim the sovereignty of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. I must confess that I wasn’t “spiritually right” with God last week, and I wasn’t in a position to lead worship on that Friday night. Praise be to God that my righteousness isn’t found in my own strength or merit, but in the death of my Saviour, Jesus Christ! So often the guilt of my sin weighs me down, and a spirit of unworthiness chains my mind. Fact is: I am unworthy; we all are. I am a sinful man covered by the blood of Christ. Now that’s reason to rejoice, that’s an overwhelming reason to be joyful!

Things that happened in the last month:

Crashed “Squeaky” into a pillar while reversing out of the Box Hill church office carpark. She had to undergo car surgery for 2 weeks. I’m delighted to have her back. Had to pay $950 for the repairs; that's a huge chunk of my $1000/season salary :(

I’ve been finding the work at the footy club rather repetitive and boring. It’s seriously quite draining and depressing having to sacrifice practically my entire Saturday. It’s taken a huge toll of my studies. I know that for sure.

FGA United’s first season in the Super 5’s league has finally ended. We came 3rd after losing the semi-final 2-1 to Hollywoods and defeating TTP the 3rd/4th playoff 6-3! I would’ve liked to come 1st, but I can’t deny that I’m happy with our achievements. The younger boys have really improved by heaps and bounds. Thanks for all the fun we had guys! It’s been a pleasure running circles around defences and getting run over by crazy bald headed aggros. I’ve seen determination and the willingness to head advice and learn. What more can I ask for?

Spent most of Sunday at the Melbourne Uni Open Day with Tim and Chris. We went around uni talking to random people informing them about our Christian group (Studentlife) and just chatting to them about what they thought about God. It took quite a great deal of courage to approach random pple and talk to them, but I think the 3 of us helped to build boldness in each other. I love the God-devoted servant hearts in these 2 blokes. They encourage me so much!

Went out with quite a few people last night to celebrate Josh’s 16th! I can’t believe he’s only 16 -.-“ I didn’t know what Sector 9 was about. When I got to Westfield, they told me that it was an alien movie -.-“” I started to grow a disgust against alien movies after watching Knowing and The War of the Worlds. I didn’t expect much from Sector 9, but it turned out to be a delightful mix of action, thriller, COMEDY, and Sci-fi. It was a very unique movie, so ridiculous at times that I couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. I rate it an 8/10. It’s got a amusement factor of 10 despite that rather mediocre storyline.

Box Hill. Time to get off the train!