Thursday, September 21, 2006

11-1 Futsal Mania!

I can't believe it's already Thursday! lol! I'm falling behind in terms of work. Anyway, it's Tim's Birthday today! So Happy Birthday Timmy! Thanks for being such a great friend! His bday party starts at 2pm later and he's got a hunt all prepared. It'll definitely be fun!

I woke up at 10am yesterday and spent the whole morning moving HONEYCOMB ROCKS!!! -.-""" My dad has been building up the front and back garden with rocks, plants and the like. Well, there's an old british couple that were giving away about 50 of these IMMENSELY HEAVY honeycomb rocks that my dad desperately needed. They're worth about 200 bucks! lol!

So Jerusha, my mum and i set out at 11am and made 4 trips for these crazily heavy rocks... that took us till 1pm. Jerusha and i got our fingers squished by the rocks -.-" It doesn't matter how tanky you are... these rocks will make your muscles ache. Have a look! There were about 50 of these nasty things! And there were slugs and little bugs living in the tiny crooks in the rocks -.-"

Yep, see how tired we were?

I gobbled down my lunch and left the house at 1.40 for my Futsal game. Oh, i saw Shaun at the Box Hill Aquatic Centre! haha! What were the odds! I thought he was really sick yesterday.

Anyway, Tommy said that his friends from Chinese school were bagging Melbourne High too much and he wanted to teach them a lesson. The Melbourne High team consisted of Jin, Phan, lil Joe, Tommy, Jimmy and myself =) haha! We dominated the 2 whole hours as the game ended with a 11-1 scoreline. Booyah! And i scored an own goal =) lol!

Gab, Jerusha, Grace and i went down to Chadstone on Tuesday to get some presents. And i was surprised at how long our lunch went! We actually spent more than 2 hours talking.. didn't expect Grace to be half as mature as that. Anyway, i haven't been posting poems for ages, so here's one i composed on the way up to Mt. Howqua for the Funugs camp.

Hidden Wonders

As i sit by the window,
Many images flash by.
Lowly dull green pastures,
Sieged by mighty hills of high.

Cows graze by, fully ignorant,
Till one looks up to the sky.
As its darkness and gloom,
Fills his weary eye.

More hills i see,
Dark clouds, dry grass, and a lifeless tree.
Then this vast barren land,
Where a river used to be.

Then a strong wind blows,
As a silent prayer leaves my lips.
Dark clouds are split apart,
Marking a bright new start.

The veil is lifted from my eyes,
A rich blue sky and lush green leaves.
Great hills bow in awe,
At the wonders life conceives.

God & isaac

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