Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pacific House

Lunch with Stevie T. was awesome today! A few wierd things happened. We played soccer for an hour or so after school while waiting for Harish, Jamie and Duc. I've been having a terrible cold for the past few days, and i felt the effects of it as i "TRIED" to play soccer.. i couldn't pass, i couldn't dribble, i couldn't tackle... worst game ever -.-"

Anyway, Harish joined us at 2pm while Jamie and Duc ditched us -.-" So we walked up to Pacific House for lunch. I rushed out the restaurant not long after we sat down to buy a cake for Jase and Stevie under the excuse, "I'm gonna look for a toilet". LOL! I ran down the street looking for the Jam Factory, but i couldn't find it ran up the street in the opposite direction to the post bakery outside South Yarra station and i bought a small slice of appetising strawberry cheesecake which cost $4. The dude at the counter sounded british, and he looked extremely reluctant when i told him i wanted to take it away. The conversation went something like this:

Isaac: Could i take it away, please?
Dude: What?
Isaac: Could i get a takeaway?
Dude: *Looks irritated and confused*
Isaac: Could you like... put it in a small box or something? -.-"
Dude: oh, a box!

Anyway, i paid for it and rushed to get back to the restaurant. The moment i crossed the road, i realised that i had forgetten that i was Jase's birthday too!!! lol! So i rushed back in the shop. The dude starred at me with menacing eyes as i apologised profusely while ordering another scrumptuous strawberry cheesecake.

I finally got back to Pacific House. Tommy had order some wierd dish for me, i think it was Chow Guo Tiao. haha! Anyway, we had a great meal but what happened at the end was just AWKWARD. When the lady handed me the bill on my request, and i immediately went "WHOA!" in the hope that my friends will get shocked and think that there was a MASSIVE bill. But that backfired completely when the lady that handed me the bill starred at me oddly (according to Steven). haha!

Things grew awkward when both Stevie and Jase reached for their cakes and started eating. Jase's face turned pale after the first bite and exclaimed that he couldn't eat cheese. lol! He was like, " Is this a cheesecake?!?!?!?!" At that moment, Stevie also said that he didn't like cheese. Man! What are the odds that two birthday boys would hate cheese?!?!?! Jase also said that he didn't like chocolate cakes -.-""" Jase, what kind of cake DO you eat?!
So we split Jase's AWESOME strawberry cheesecake among ourselves, but Stevie finished his probably outta respect for me. haha!

The bill added up to $67 for the nine of us: Harish, Marcus, Jonno, Jin, Banh, Tommy, Jase, Stevie T and myself. And we were SUPPOSED to give Jase and Steven a treat but it went THE OTHER WAY AROUND -.-""" LOL! Stevie had just won $100 through the World Cup sweepstakes and he was feeling rich, so he offered to pay for us -.-" and the dudes TRIED EXTREMELY HARD to "REFUSE" the offer. I was like.. NO!!!! but what can you do when the odds are all against ya? =P Thanks Stevie!

I'm gonna return the cash to him though. The fact that he actually OFFERED to pay $67 for all of us proves that we mean a lot to him.. that's a true friend right there. So i'll write him a little note just to thank him with the $67 enclosed in it. And i'll slot it into his locker some time tomorrow. haha! That'll be cool. =)

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