Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthdays to Jase and Stevie!

Just wanna say Happy Birthday to Jase (yesterday) and Stevie T! I feel terrible now cuz i haven't found the time to get them presents. I spoke to the dudes today, and one of them (not mentioning whom!) feels that it's time to stop with the present-giving. I kindda agreed with him, so i just called Stevie to wish him well and to invite him for a birthday lunch tomorrow. haha! It's a pity that Jase can't join us as he has to collect something from somewhere (as usual) -.-"

I've gotta make it up to Jase. I'll probably get him something small and meaningful. These guys have been such great friends, they probably know me better than most of my other friends... i enjoy being around them. And we share the same passion for Soccer. However, my friendships with them are rather different. Stevie T and are have similar styles of play in soccer and we respect and complement each other on the pitch. Jase is, AND BELONGS!, in the goals.. i spend most of my time protecting and bagging him! haha!

I ran in the 100m individual race for the All Schools Knockout Athletics Tournament yesterday. Firstly, i have to say that i'm severely disadvantaged because i had to compete in the Senior Division although my birthday's on the 18th of October 1990 -.-"" I was probably the youngest competitor in the Senior Division. Anyway, i think i clocked in at 11.5 secs, which is my personal best, but that only earned me the 4th spot -.-" I'm not too flustered about that cuz my good friend, Jamie, who is also the fastest runner in school came 2nd and the other dudes were at least 2 years older than i am, and thus, tankier =)

I was devastated when was handed my VCE information sheet for Chinese SL; it read:

Chinese SL VCE Examination
Date: 18/10/06

I was like o.O"" I've never had to sit for an important exam on my birthday before. Shucks!!!! Looks like i'm gonna be studying my guts out on just before my birthday period.. haha! It's 2 months away and i'm still EXCEEDINGLY unprepared =( Well, at least my birthday's coming soon.. and i'll be able to learn to drive!!! Boo Yah!! =)

Oh, it's Singapore's National Day today... so i'll try to remember as much of the National Anthemn as i can.... sing after me!!!

Marikita ya yasing gapu rasa
Sayang mamen nuju behagi ya
Chita chita chi tayang muliya
Berjaya Singapura!

Samuah chita bersatu
Demaghat namen bersaru
Samuah chita bersatu
Majulah Singapura
Majulah Singapura!!!!!

PS. There's more, but i can't be stuffed writing it out =D

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