Monday, August 28, 2006

Are You Fat?

Jacilyn's currently in an "i'm-so-fat" mood and she's saying that she "hates food". lol! I love food! ~8) She can't get over the fact that Haus, Tony and Keith called her "fat" yesterday. haha! i find it really odd that that's the phenomenon with all girls. I used to think that it was a cliche that SOME girls conform to, but it sure looks like its a real issue.

I made a casual remark that Janice was heavy during the recent Fungus rally and she actually REMEMBERED it after so many weeks!! -.-""" So she started bagging me and all, while all i could do was to apologise. What's wrong with being heavy? or fat for that matter? Are girls afraid that guys wouldn't like the way they look? But...haiz... i was gonna say that love cuts through the flesh and into the heart. I hope this phrase doesn't become just a cliche in the future, cuz i truely believe in it.

This week's going to be crazy for me. I've gotta memorise my entire Chinese detailed study oral project on Jackie Chan for an extremely important SAC this Saturday. And i've made a commitment to memorise one paragraph every night of the week. haha! Something tells me that it won't work, but i'm determined to make it work =) Pray for me!

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