Monday, August 07, 2006

Week of Freedom

I've never thought of what it would be like living without my parents. I take them for granted most of the time. I chuck my dirty clothes into the basket for dirty laundry and they appear back in my wardrobe. I pop snacks and gobble my dinner and breakfast down in a rush without considering how much effort has been poured into preparing those meals.

Well, my grandparents(mum's side) arrived from Singapore last Monday and my parents have taken them for the long drive up to Sydney for the entire week. They left on Sunday arvo and they'll be back on Saturday. Jerusha's like the mum now, and i'm like... erm.. isaac? haha! I do the dishes and cut the fruits while she prepares lunch for tmr. It's not too bad cuz my grandmum's still here to cook dinner and all.

It won't be long till i'm fully independent. One more year actually. I'll be going back to Singapore for National Service at the end of next year. I'm kindda looking forward to it cuz it'll be a significant step, probably the biggest one, to maturity. I'll learn how to cook, how to bash thugs, hunt animals and pitch tents. lol!

The Athletics All Schools Knockouts are on tmr, and it's Jase's birthday too. I feel terrible now cuz i kindda forgot to buy him a present -.-"" lol! My plan is to sneak through the first three periods without him noticing me before rushing outta school for the Athletics tournament. haha! It's gonna be a tough day tmr, and i don't know what time i'll get home cuz my parent's aren't around to pick me up -.-" But i'll make it through.

A Week of Freedom. Hmm.. Freedom that i've always wanted to embrace. But sentiment's holding me back. Sigh... it has to happen someday.

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