Sunday, August 27, 2006

Youth Sunday

My thighs are killing me right now.. they're not just sore, they're hurting even when i don't move them!!! I hope they'll be alright before the X-Country this Wednesday. I'm contemplating about wagging it since i've got many pussy friends that have already decided to wag it =D Oh, my thighs are hurting cuz i ran 4.5km on Friday, 2 km uphill and 2.5 on flat ground PLUS an awesome, but exhausting, time of soccer today =))

Jerusha and i went down to FGA today for Youth Sunday. It went really well. Angela and Ragel put up an awesome beatboxing/rapping show, the beat bouncers rocked the house with their sizzling hot moves. haha! They looked really congested on that small stage, but they still did well. I feel really wierd now that i'm not part of that. I guess we all have to make sacrifices in our lives. I think of it as weighing up Soccer and Dancing on my free-time weighing scale. Sigh.. i wish i had a little more time.

Chris' message was really good. I couldn't get everything he said last week, but hearing it a second time drilled everything into my head. haha! After the service, we spent close to 3 hours packing the place up... my thighs were hurting from my 4.5km run on Friday, but i helped out till my arms were sore as! It was pretty fun though. Jacilyn, Nick, Jerusha, Pete and Aviel were having a duck-tape fight while Shaun and i were folding up the curtains. haha!

Soccer was dead fun today. Jerusha, Keith, Hamus (Star Defender!!!), Yvonne, Aaron, William, Franny, Jasmine, Sarah and i were up against Nick, Qynn, Ian, Wudok, Angie, Daniel, Josh, Jacilyn, Darren and Tim. -.-" That's extremely imbalanced.. but we managed to thread some AWESOME passes, one-two's, got some nimble movement on and off the ball, Sarah was working hard at making some Fantastic tackles, Yvonne plucked up enough courage to header the ball! William was working hard down the left flank, Jerusha was dominant in midfield, i was struggling to keep up with the pace of the game, while Hamus was a ROCK in defence!!!!! BIGGEST TANK EVER!! After much thought, I managed to derive an equation for his prowess:

Hamus = (2.5561Nick + 2.5562Isaac - 1.5562 Stevie G)^10

Dig? haha! Well, Jerusha grabbed the first goal with a firm, well-placed shot into the bottom corner after a one-two with me. I got the second goal by slotting it into the bottom corner too =) 2-0. Then they came back to score two more goals - One by Tim and the winner by Wudok.

I had a great day.. i'm staring at a tremendous amount of work this week and i'll probably be in a rather bad mood after tonight's rest. But i'll smile for now =) Thank God for today!

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