Monday, August 14, 2006


The issue of Humility is aroused yet again. God's been telling me that i have to be humble. I just realised that i have this really bad temper, and i never knew why until today, it's because of pride.

Last Friday night, we went down to Mc Donald's to get supper before going to play street soccer at Box Hill. Keean and John followed me across the road to the local Subway store and we ordered the chicken and bacon foot-long. John was on a speech-fast, so we had to order for him. It was really funny when the dude asked him what toppings he would like, and John pointed at the vast variety of vegetables and waved his hands so profusely that he looked like he was doing a mime. lol!

Anyway, on our way back to the van, some aussie dudes wanted to pick a fight with us. I had my hand on the handle of the entrance to Macca's when some dude sitting on the bench behind us mimicked what i had said just before, "Shucks! We've gotta hurry up!" in an extremely pussy-like tone. I turned around only to see 6 20 year-olds glaring at me with the words "I ought to get bashed!" on their foreheads. Well, one against six weren't wise odds, so i walked away cowardly. But something within me was DYING for revenge and i told Qynn to stop the van just outside Macca's as i shouted, "Hey Punks! Bacon this!" and we drove away. Man! The six retards were so angry that one of them jumped on the table and started swearing and making all kinds of gay-like signs with his fingers. One of them stupidly ran after our van -.-"

I didn't have a clue what i was saying, but with hindsight, i should've said "Jesus loves you!" or something along those lines. In fact, i don't know if i should have just forgiven them on the spot. That's not that only time that someone tried to pick a fight with me this weekend. Some grown-up aussie dude growled "Fuck Out!" in a exceedingly sinister tone just because i was in his way at Melbourne Central Station. Again, my pride sparked off the anger within me again as i thought about confronting him... but he had walked too far away by the time i recovered from the shock.

Well, i've decided to be really humble from now on. I'm gonna keep a low-profile. Accept that people can be really mean in this world. But i shall remain the bigger man and let God deal with him. Vegeance sure is sweet...but it belongs to the Lord. Forgiveness is even sweeter anyway.

I had a really exciting weekend, so i'll post a lil more. A coincidental freaky misunderstanding arose on Saturday after chinese school. Marcus told me that he was having lunch with his mum and Jerusha had to go home. I was gonna meet Harish at the station at 1pm and i had half an hour to kill, so i thought i'd look for Charmaine's b-day present at The Glen (She wanted an apple cuz my nickname's apple -.-")

Hazel also wanted to get some face cream from The Glen. Hazel is a friend of Marcus and my sister, but i don't know her well. Anyway, had a chat with her along the way there. We were happily having a conversation, and i was actually asking her how she knew Marcus, when Marcus and his mum walked into The Glen! LOL! The situation looked extremely wierd and i could see it on Marcus' face! O.o" haha! He thought that we were going out or something, and i felt really wierd. Anyway, i told him what i was there for... hope he believes me. Cuz i'm really telling the truth. *twitching eyebrow*

Oh, Fungus was pretty relaxing yesterday. I finally got to play soccer with Qynn and the group.. it wasn't as fun because most of the older dudes weren't there, but the young gals and guys were fun to be around. Eamon (massive rock-solid keeper), Ian (Awesome crosser of the ball), Darren(Dude who calls for the ball and loses it immdiately), Yvonne (the poison ball), Jacilyn (the gal who trips because of nothing), Aline (Qynn's arch-adversary), Jordan (the young kid whose toes i touched) and John (speechless dude that tried to order a footlong at Subway!) were on my team and we were up against Qynn (My fellow liverpool legend!), Nick (Miserable Man Utd supporter), Angie (the defector who collided into me), Keith (the DOTA nerd), Jasmine (The who likes calling out "Peanut!!"), Aaron (Beckham wannabe), Sarah (the beauty queen with a whole tonne of "admirers"), Keean (The dude who got nutted and tried jumping to relief the pain) and Joshy-wa-wa (The man with no name who claims to be Zinedine Zidane).

Well, we got owned 4-1... but i managed to clinge the Mercy Golden Goal with a left footed drive after rounding "the dude that got nutted and tried jumping to relief the pain"! Booyah!!! I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone who played yesterday!! =)

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