Friday, August 25, 2006

Caleb's Coming...

I just got back from FGA. I've got mixed feelings right now. One part of me is feeling rather disappointed after stuffing up my BM SAC today despite all the time and effort poured into it. I even woke up at 5am to study for it this morning. Sigh.. Yet another part of me is thankful for the precious friends i have at Fungus and at school.

Jin was trying to cheer me up throughout the Chem Prac at the end of the day. And Phan got me to laugh with his dopey looks. haha! Then i had a nice chat with Jenny during the study group. I got to know her much better, we talked about horror movies, scary dolls, drinking, night clubs and all. haha! It was hilarious.

Then there're people like Audrey, Sarah, Jasmine, Jacilyn, Franny, Keean and Tony that remind me of what is it to be young.. to have a life that's not so pressurised with work. If only i could have a mind so carefree!

My dad just informed me that Caleb, my good cousin, is coming to Australia tomorrow! Booyah! I can't wait to see him! I sure hope he hasn't changed much. Dunno what i can do with him, but i'll try to take him around the city and all.

Oh, i've been too tired to keep up with my 3km commitment, but i pulled my socks up and finished an amazing run today! I'm elated with myself. I think i ran a little more than 4km today considering that i had to jog up steep hills.

When you think life's cruel, have a look around... it's really not so bad afterall!

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