Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I'm in school right now, but i can't be bothered doing any work. School's cut short today because of the Cross Country House Comp being held at Albert Park Lake. It's wierd because i don't feel nervous at all. Yarra's coming 3rd at the moment, but we'll be able to clinch the Cockhouse if we win the X-Country. I'm gonna run my guts out later, and i sure hope that my 3km runs will pay off.

Since i started running my 3km Commitment a little less than 2 weeks ago, i've only gone for 6 or 7 runs. That's a pretty bad reading for my level of commitment - 50%. haha! It's really harder than it sounds. I've come to a hypothesis that it takes two, or more, to complete the commitment. If i had someone to cheer me on and run with me, i'm pretty sure that i would have gone for more runs. The theory's the same with any marriage or relationship. There has to be a joint commitment.. one party can only contribute a maximum of 50%, the other 50 will have to come from the other half.

Youth Alive is on this Saturday. I was really pumped up for it until i heard about the price of the tickets -.-" I reckon that $15 would be well spent, but it'll be better saved. Alternatively, my dad just received 4 free tickets to the Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC game at the MCG this Sat, going on at the same time as Youth Alive. haha! I feel quite guilty ditching a Christian event for a sports one, but i think i'll go ahead with it. Jerusha and i are trying to get two other friends to join us. Probably Nick and Serene.

Alright, class is gonna start soon..

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