Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Falling Sick

77th. That's my X-country positioning. I couldn't believe my ears when Tommy told me that. I ran the whole 5km at a considerably quick pace, and i sprinted the last straight. I ran so hard that i'm feeling really sick now. Sigh.. 77th out of 300+!!! =( I'm disappointed, but i'm happy with the encouragements i received from many of my friends. The House Master, Mr. Roberts, even came up to me personally to shake my hand because i ran in the Under 17's instead of the Under 16's.

It's real tough competing with guys one year older than you. But i thought, i've been studying with them, playing soccer, swimming and all.. so i decided to join them in the X-country too. But i guess it's a whole different gameplan when you're talking about a 5km race which requires a develop set of lungs. Despite that, i'm satisfied with my placing as the top 24th runner in my house and the 21min timing that came along with it =) Thank God for giving me the strength and perseverance, esp at that last bend.

Despite all the odds, Yarra won by 1300 points in our age group!!! Booyah! The winner of the Cockhouse will be solely dependent on the overall winner of the X-Country... and it's all up to the Under 16's and 15's now. I hope to be hearing the good news in school tmr and adorning in the Passion of Yarra!

Oh yes, i'll continue to use a red font cuz this concerns STEPH DECIDING TO SUPPORT LIVERPOOL!!!! BOOYAH!!!! =)) I'm proud of ya Steph. Remember,

You'll Never Walk Alone! ~8)

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