Monday, July 31, 2006

Nokia 3101

My weekend was really full-on. It flew by so quickly that i didn't even get a chance to blog! Shucks.. Saturday was the worst. I started it off with 3 hours at Chinese School from 9 to 12.20pm and then i had lunch with Jin and Harish at Singapore Chom Chom in the city. lol! The food tasted NOTHING like what's being sold back in the REAL Singapore Chom Chom. Man, it's a FAR CRY. Anyway, we proceeded to the Cinema Complex to attend this 11-week Chemistry tuition course that we just signed up for conducted by TSFX (The School For Excellence).

Fortunately, we got a pretty good teacher... but we pissed her off a little by asking her extremely specific questions specially targeted at provoking her mind. loL! And three of us were rushing through the questions in the booklet that she couldn't keep up and shouted "STOP!" LOL! That was funny as! Yea, that was a hard 2 hour session from 2.30 to 4.30pm, but it was well worth it. After that, i took a train up to Mont Albert to go to Uncle Francis' house for CG. Man, i was too tired to socialise... but i had a chat with Charmaine and Tim.

Oh, my parents bought me a new phone yesterday. It's a Nokia 3101. I was astonished when Jerusha interrupted the dance practice and showed me the phone -.-" I wanted the new Nokia 3131... but i guess the 3101's fine.

We finished the whole dance yesterday, but it's still not perfect yet. Shaun wants me to do some soccer tricks for the his dance, but i'm really not confident. Shucks... i could do some tricks when no one's looking... but not in front of 400 teenagers -.-" haha!

Oh.. remember the extremely confusing essay on Replicants that i posted here 2 weeks ago? Yea, i said that it was probably the worst essay i've ever written, but i got it back today... and i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw the 25/25 result!!! LOL! Unprecedented pleasure.

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