Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Wrecked Surprise -.-"

Jerusha and i rocked up just after 12pm at FGA all ready to give Nick a surprise birthday party. I was under the impression that Jasmine had it all planned out, but i should've guessed otherwise -.-" I had to device a plan(which turned out to be PATHETIC!) in 10 minutes cuz Qynn had to leave to pick some people up. Well, it's the thought that counts, isn't it? haha!

Nick's mum bought the cake along with KFC for all of us! Boo yah! We had a small party in the classroom. It was good to see Nick happy and gay as he unwrapped his presents one by one. I bought him a excessively overpriced poster with the heading: "Shit Happens". haha! it's the funniest poster i've ever seen!

After that, the Pete drove us down to Park X (not supposed to disclose secret info =) ) for a soccer game. Lots of people, who actually knew how to play soccer, rocked up... and we had an impressive game with high standards of passing, vision and creativity. Man, it's been a LONG time since i've had one of those games. The pace of the game was unceasing, and we grew weary by the 90 minute mark... but we played on from 1:30pm till 4pm. =)

We lost the game 2-1. Steven scored the first goal after our team threaded the ball through the eye of a needle to provide him with a one-on-one chance, which he converted with ease. Then wudok smashed in an equiliser an hour later, before Zimmer nutmegged Tim to seal the game off -.-"" I have to mention this dude that joined us named Eric... aww man, apparently he plays in the A-league. He demonstrated some slick skills on the ball, some pin-point crosses with both his left and right feet!!!! What a Legend!!!!

Pete, Jerusha, Shaun and i rushed back to church for dance prac at 4.30pm -.-" Pete was WRECKED, so he took a short nap while Shaun and i slogged it out. I'm actually impressed by what we did today! Oh.. i feel kindda bad right now cuz i raised my voice at some of the gals =x. i really didn't mean to, and i wasn't angry or anything. I was just explaining something to them, but Vernis kept bugging me from behind... and that made me speak louder -.-" Sorry about that gals.

I've gotta wake up at 6 tmr -.-"" shucks... i forgot to sign Yvonne's cast! =(
This week's gonna be hell for me. Two maths tests, a BM SAC and a Chem test. Time to put on my nerdy glasses...

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