Monday, July 10, 2006

Fungus Album

Chris spoke about Faith in Deeds at Fungus yesterday, and God told me that he wanted me to do something quick... to get right down to the production of the Fungus Album. Stanley and i have been rather slack actually with all the other events distracting us.. including Bryan's departure to Japan.

Anyway, God spoke to me a lot about humility too. He warned me that i could get carried away when the new album becomes a success. i don't know how good it's going to be, but God's given me a gift... and i know that i wouldn't have been able to write a SINGLE song without him. So i'm going to put my faith in him to work through me and Stanley in producing HIS album; an amazing album that will touch the lives of many, and bring a small cry of praise to God.

I spent one and a half hours today recording the songs so that Stanley can edit them on the computer. I'm looking to finish production before the next rally, which is in less than three weeks. haha! It sounds impossible... but that's exactly the right situation for God to work in.

Everything is possible through him who gives me strength!

Who'd ever though that 2006 would be Italy's year? Man! I'm seriously disappoint, and my heart's full of pity for Zidane. It would hurt a lot to get sent off on his last match of 15 lustrous years of football. He's a legend in my heart and will always be.

There were some crazy Italians down at MC today running around the station clad in uncanny green, red and white flags. It's a miracle that Italy are World Champs. Shucks... i just smiled as they ran about shouting some random stuff in Italian. haha! I guess i would be doing the same thing WHEN Liverpool wins the treble this year =)

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