Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Formal

School's been, ironically, a quick drag for me... i've never experienced this before. Time's flying by faster than i expected it to be. I find myself miscalculating my time allocations for various homework and all, and i'm soon gonna be driven into overdrive.

The formal's coming up in about a month and its been the hot topic in school. I had the same question flung countless times at me today: "Are you going to the Formal?" haha! It's wierd, but i can still remember thinking that Formals are for the older kids, and that my turn wouldn't come so soon. Yea, i'm gonna give this one a miss though. Simply because i don't believe in spending over $200 for one dinner. The ticket itself costs $65, and to rent a suit would cost me about $80, plus i would have to pay for my date and rent a limo? haha! But i'll definitely rock up to next year's one... i'll save up for my own Formal. I feel guilt-ridden whenever i had to get cash from my parents for my personal enjoyment.

Anyway, i just wanna say that your tags really encourage me and keep me going. Thanks Vonjie, for dropping by despite your busy schedule... and to Sarah, who found my last post touching. haha! Thanks so much =)

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