Saturday, July 15, 2006

Getting Nutted...

Nothing feels worse than getting nutted, right out square on. Keean can testify to that =P

After OT Survey last night, i was having a nice chat with Josh while eating a pizza when Keean rudely interrupted the conversation by squirting some water from a Nike water bottle onto Josh's jeans to make him look like he had wet his jeans. Obviously Josh wasn't too happy, and he grabbed the water bottle and wrestled with Keean, trying to get revenge; all in vain. haha!

I was pretty bored... and i thought Keean needed to be thought a little lesson about pants-wetting. So i jumped in the wrestle, brought Keean down on the ground, held his legs firm as Josh emptied half a bottle of water right where it hurts most! LOL! Everyone started cracking up. It looked EXTREMELY awkward... just this massive damp patch where his crotch was -.-"

Well, what goes around comes around...and around again. During the Street Soccer match at Box Hill, Shaun took a full pelted shot which flew so fast that i couldn't see it whiff through the air. The next moment, I heard a loud bang and Keean was going, " Oooh shit! Wooo shit!!! Ahh!!!" LOL! Picture this, if the ball was an arrow, the wet mark on his pants would be the Bulleye!

He was screaming in pain as the full measure of the hurt got sucked into his inner being. LOL! I told him to keep jumping. So he jumped up and down the street, running and screaming at the same time! lOL! IT was hilarious!!!! And everyone just cracked up. Man! THat was good.

Aww.. i think it's his first time getting nutted. Man, i've been nutted several times myself... shucks! The experience is awful... not funny at all. It's like an inescapable pain that doesn't go away even if you lie down, if you run about, if you jump up and down and even if you close your eyes and try not to think about it. Sigh... i'm thinking about VCE again.

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