Thursday, July 27, 2006

Uneducated Racist Hooligans

It's my second time blogging today, i just had to get something out.

For those who know me really well, you'll know that i absolutely detest two things:
- Gay/Effeminate behaviour
- Racism

On the tuesday two days ago, i was on the train home with Marcus, Harish, Shervin, Prashant and Welson. It was extremely crowded because the earlier train got cancelled this train got delayed by 5 minutes or so. More and more people boarded the train as we passed through the stations till it felt like a can of fully packed sardines by the time we got to Holmesglen.

This wierd-looking Asian TAFE student boarded the train at Holmesglen and he snuggled his way through the mass of bodies before settling at a spot just behind me. He was a little short than me, he wore thick glasses (making him look like a complete nerd), his clothes were 18th century and i could see some odd-coloured patches on his skin.

At that point, the two St.Kevin's students behind me started bagging the crap outta this Asian dude! They were talking about his skin disease and how disgusting he was. They even called him a homosexual. What made it unbearable for me was that the Asian dude could hear everything they were saying... and the students didn't seem to give a damn anyway. They just treated him with utter disrespect. I just felt like turning around and bashing the daylights outta them, but they were about 2 heads taller and me, and the 2:1 odds weren't in my favour -.-""

Well, that was the case before their conversation progress to this stage:
Racist Fool 1: Man, could you move to the right a bit? I may get infected with his disease.
Racist Fool 2: Don't worry, he'll be getting off at the next station.
*Both laugh*

I was taken aback by their comments, but i kept my fists right where they were. The Asian dude beside me looked vexed and worried because he thought that he wouldn't be able to get out the door. He turned to me and asked, " How am i going to get out?"

"Don't worry man, they'll move aside for you to get out," i replied. The innocence in his eyes just added to my anger...

When we got to his station,
Racist Fool 1: Hey, i dare ya to grab his bag!
Racist Fool 2: *Starts laughing and foolishly grabs his bag*-.-"
*Both laugh*

The Asian dude tried to get out the door but he couldn't move cuz of the fools behind him. He got really stressed out then, cuz he didn't know what was holding him back (he obviously has some mental illness too).

I couldn't take it anymore at that point, i turned around and said, "Let him go, seriously."
Surprisingly, the fool let go of his bag immediately, and the Asian dude quickly rushed out of the door without looking back -.-"

Thank God those dudes didn't pick a fight with me. I guess they felt ashamed of themselves. But i still can't believe that no one else stood up for that pitiful Asian dude. I mean, it's totally immoral for them to be picking on a mentally-unstable and weak disadvantaged man! What is this world coming to?

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