Friday, July 07, 2006

Jin's Big Friday

School was the usual routine today.. but it rather confused me. I've got no clue at all about how i'm gonna get through next year. I know i will, with God's aid. I've been talking to some friends in Year 12, and they've turned into complete nerds... studying for more than 3 hours every night, studying straight after school. Shucks! i really don't want to do that next year..

I've been praying every night that God will touch Banh, Jin, Phan, Duc and Harish in his own special way. God's been extremely faithful. Duc casually asked me for a bible a month ago, and i gave him one of my old children's bible thinking that he's just fooling around. BUT HE's REALLY READING IT!! loL! that's a greater achievement than most of my Christian friends. He's been asking me lots of questions about Jesus, but i'm confident that God will work in him soon.

Jin's been attending some events run by the Swanston Church of Christ and he's got to know most of the pple there. That's the church that i went to the State Youth Games with. They're having a Big Friday night event tonight where there'll be worship and stuff like that.. Jin wanted me to go and Phan was gonna tag along too. I felt tired and i had to get some Chinese homework done, so i turned him down... but he persisted in trying to persuade me... to no avail.

I just found out that he didn't go, and neither did Phan, because they weren't too confident about the worship bit and i wasn't there to support them. Shucks! i feel so guilty now... i pray every night for God to work and this is how i respond when God creates a spark of miracle. I hope Jin and Phan don't lose interest in the youth group cuz i'll be sure to support them in the future.

God's been so good.. for people who still think that pray doesn't work, think again! =)

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