Sunday, July 09, 2006

Crying to the Music

I was elated to see my sis sleeping in her room this morning. I just realised that we've been together all our lives, and something would feel extremely outta place if i were to be without her for more than a week. It'll feel empty. Something will be missing.

We quarrel a lot. But, more often, we laugh and chat about interesting stuff. Sometimes i feel that i'm neglecting her... i feel the same way towards my grandmum too. Sigh... i guess you'll only learn to appreciate something/someone only after you lose it.

Ruth and Serene cried so many times today.. Gals are really emotional beings. I can't cry even if i force myself to. The only moments that you'll find me in tears is when i'm before God...

Dance practice went well today. The gals were really into it, and i think that pleased Ruth and Serene. The routine was tough, but we managed to pull through due to hard work and a good show of perserverance. Well done gals, and pete! =)

I'm really tired now and i don't feel like writing. I'm gonna wake up at 4am tmr morn to watch the World Cup Finals - Italy vs France. I'm going with the latter, but i sure hope Italy sneaks it. haha! The tournament has been fantastic, but interest has died down simply because lots of pple hate the finalists -.-""" No one's enthusiastic about the World Cup anymore, save for the French and Italian fanatics. But i hope they'll pull of a terrific game tmr to end of an amazing tournament! =)

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