Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Love of a Friend

We gave Jacilyn a huge surprise birthday celebration last night. Just before they finished Alpha, Shaun and i walked into the room and announced that we had an extremely urgent message to pass on concerning their safety. haha! Then the lights went off. It was PITCH DARK. We asked, "Who turned the lights off???" as Nick, Jerusha, Jasmine, Pete and Franny walked in with a Choc Chip Cheesecake with 14 lighted candles on top! Booyah!!!

Well, the irony was that Jacilyn didn't know that the surprise was for her (She thought it was for Nick). haha! AND... she didn't eat much of the cake cuz of the coconut shavings that were in it. -.-""""" We should have got that scrumptuous-looking strawberry cheesecake instead!!!

Happy Birthday Jacilyn!

We went to Box Hill for Street Soccer straight after that. That was when things started to get really heated up. Qynn, Jerusha, Josh, Jasmine, Audrey, Keean and i were on one team with Nick, Shaun, Pete, Jacilyn, Tony, Franny and John on the other. Well, we went 2-0 up before they came back with 7 goals to win 7-2 -.-""""" That was the WORST THRASHING i've ever experienced (except for that 11-0 one two years ago). Haha!!

At the "half-time" interval, i saw Nick walk up to Keean and starting shoving him aggressively. The expression on his face said that it was not a laughing matter. It looked as though sometime evil and sinister came over him. His eyes were like daggers that lusted for blood. I grew apprehensive when i saw him shove Keean to the ground. But i didn't restrain him, thinking that Nick was just playing around. Nick gave him a disgusted stare before turning around... i thought all would be fine then but Keean said "Whoa! There's no need to get so violent!" as he picked himself up from the road. Nick turned back and started charging angrily towards him, shoved him backwards more... and to my absolute surprise, kicked him in the waist! -.-"""

After kicking, he was gonna grab him again to inflict more damage. I sprung to my feet and dragged Nick back so that they were about 3 metres apart. I stood between them just to ensure that nothing else happened. Nick turned and faced the other way and took a step, before turning back. He had that unquenchable anger in his eyes that made my heart sink. He took a step towards me, wanting to get to Keean.. but i stood my ground and held him back.

What he did next cut my heart deeply. He forcefully put his palms to my chest and shoved me backwards in digust, and he looked as if he was gonna strike me and i looked him in the eye. I shouted, "Nick!".

He took another step forward before turning around and walked away. I didn't even look at Keean. I was just too disgusted at what had happened.

Would i have retaliated if Nick had punched me? Or rather, should i have pushed him back?
No, even if he struck my square across the cheek i wouldn't have ducked, much less to hit him back. Foolish, aren't i? I guess i love this friend of mine too much to fall into a dispute with him, much less to hurt him...

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