Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Italian Pride..

The mX had pictures of Italians celebrating their outstanding 2-0 victory over Germany this morning in sheer jubilation.

I woke up at 5am to watch what was a boring first 90 minutes, but it errupted into a suspenseful and thrilling game in the 30 minutes of extra-time. But i was already so bored and tired by then that i couldn't really concentrate on the match -.-"" PLUS, i left the house at 7.25am to catch the train, thinking that it'll go into penalty shootouts.. BUT the Italians scored 2 goals right after i left!!!! -.-""" i hope this doesn't happen tomorrow. My prediction is 2-0 for France.

Many people don't like the fact that Italy "fluked" it again, but i must say that they demonstrated fantastic discipline in all aspects of their play and their experience paid off. Their midfield employed wide tactics at the start to confuse the Germans. Then the defence sat back and kept a lose line as the Germans picked up pace, but their attacks were like darts thrown against a brick wall. Then they held possession in the midfield through the likes of Pirlo and Totti as the Germans wore out...before initiating the final blows. Ingenious. Well done.

I beat James 3 sets to 1 as Mr. Bushell gladly announced "That makes you No.5". I just gave him a disgusted nod. I don't believe i'm doing this, but after several persuasions from various friends, i've decided to go for it. I'm finally in the school Table Tennis team, and they'll be playing in the State level on the 15th of August. But my position has come at the cost of a good friend losing his... sigh. I really treasure this friendship with James... besides i'm already representing my school in futsal, soccer and athletics. Table tennis just adds to that list.

I don't even love Table Tennis anymore.. i'm just good at it.

God's given me this gift.. am i using it right?

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