Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sweet Nasty Blisters

I think it's the first time in this year that i've been able to hit the Soccer exit. I've got a double free period on thursday afternoons and the dudes will normally be playing soccer from 12.20 till 3.15pm haha! I always try, in vain, to get away from the match when the lunch bell rings at 12.49 -.-""

But i'm delighted with myself today. I managed to finish writing another Chinese essay!! Booyah!! NOthing better than efficient and effectively used time =) haha! I'm starting to sound like an economist. Shucks.. i've written 2 Chinese essays in the last two days, and i'm planning to start on an English one after this post.

The heat is on right from the very first week, and homework's starting to pile up. Hope i don't let loose of my commitments now - Beatbouncers and the Fungus Album are top priority.

I just learnt a meaningful lesson, ironically, from the funniest and most immature gal that i know, Yvonne. haha! She's about 12, and she was complaining about getting big nasty blisters on her hands from climbing up some 3m high structures. I told her to refrain from doing so, but she STILL climbs the structures everyday and obviously STILL complains about the pain.

Many times the things that we love to do or the people that we love may hurt us deeply. Chasing these dreams only leaves scars and wounds like the blisters on yvon's hands... but what motivates us is that passion that we have for that particular thing. And it doesn't matter how much it hurts, or how much trouble we have to go through in order to achieve it. We just do it.

That's love.

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