Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mental Cage

I really shouldn't be doing this, but i'm blogging from school right now. I've spent almost all my time trying to study for my Business Management SAC tmr. I even brought my BM notes to dance practice last night!!! Man, i think Pete got quite annoyed at my "nerdiness" as i tried to memorise a whole chunk of management theories while dancing.

I feel like i'm in a mental cage with the labels "Business Management" stuck all over it. I'm aiming for a perfect score of 50, and that means i have to make some sacrifices. I feel that i'm neglecting my other subjects, other people, and even my family. Whenever i'm in a conversation, Business Management terms start plaguing my mind! I can't wait to get it over and done with tmr. I can't take it anymore...

This stress has unexpectedly caused me behave differently. I find that i'm swearing a whole lot more, and what's worse is that it comes straight out of my mouth! I used to be able to think about it and decide to hold it back... it's become an outlet for my stress, a filthy one. And i feel lethargic whenever i walk into class and when i talk to my friends.. all i want to do is finish with my BM studies for that day and get some sleep.

Sometimes i wonder if it's worth studying this hard. Do the benefits outweigh the current implications that i'm facing right now? I feel like such a whinger. haha!

Thank God for leaving that smile on my face =)

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