Monday, September 20, 2004


Hey peeps! No one seems to be tagging me. Please add my blog site to your favourites and tag me everyday! lol..I had to retype this blog because my Internet Explorer just hung up on me when i was about to publish. Haiz.. I've composed 2 poems. The first is entitled "Free" and the other is called "Prayer". The one about Prayer isn't that good. But i sure hope you'll enjoy it!


You created me,
But i turned against you.
You could have destroyed me,
And left me without a clue.

But through your love,
I am redeemed.
It was by your grace,
So it seemed.

Though my life's a circus,
And sin have taken it's toll.
You gave me a purpose,
And restored my wounded soul.

Watching over me everyday,
Making sure i don't go astray.
"I love you Lord!"
Is my finaly say.

Though i don't deserve it,
You set me free.
Free from sin and death.
I'm as glad as can be.
God & Isaac

Did you like that? I'll show you the second one. It's pretty bad. SO...Don't bag me!


What a wonderful thing,
That God listens,
To what we have to say.
Every minute of the day.

What a priviledge,
To tell the Lord of all,
Your problems and worries,
That stand ever so tall.

Like a loving shepherd,
He listens to us.
Asking for things,
Like that new porcelain vase.

But he is a God of Love,
Who loves and cares.
Our sins, he forgives.
Our pain, he shares.

Ask for his guidence,
To lead you on your way.
Ask for his protection,
To protect you every day!
God & Isaac

Well, those were the 2 poems. Hmm..there's just one more. I composed it two days ago. Well, it's about tests. In this cruel world, everyone experiences tests. Tests can be from God. So let's look at it from a different perspective. A good example, is how i have to retype my whole post again! have no idea how pissed i was. But i had 2 options :
1. Retype it, for God.
2. Just leave it. Post tomorrow.

I chose the first one. Well, there are many choices you can choose from from every situation. But will it please God? Take a look at my poem =)


A broken heart,
The cry of a son.
A bad start,
The death of a loved one.

Why God? Why?
You caused this,
O God of love,
Is this love from above?

God is always good.
Though he gives you endless tests,
Not giving you any rest,
He loves you no less!

Who can fathom the mind of the Lord?
He gives you a task,
Only to see,
If you would last.

God is great,
His mind as sharp as glass.
But when your test comes,
Will you pass?
God & Isaac

Well, there you go. This is gonna be a really long blog. lolz..My dad just left for Ireland a few days ago. He's on some course/workshop or something. He'll be away for a month. =( Sure will miss him. I'm currently into the 10th hour of my holidays. lol..I wonder how i'm gonna spend it. I've got lots of projects to do. One of them is a programming project. I'll talk more about it.

I have an extra class in school called "Software Design". It's a cool subject. I get to learn how to program stuff using a program called "Visual Basic". It can do lots os stuff. Ya know the "My Computer" on your desktop? When you click it, it opens and reveals drives, yea? And when you click the drives, they reveal folders. And so on, so forth. I could do the same thing using Visual Basics. Awesome eh? yep, i have an assignment task to do over the holidays. It is to program a game from scratch. My game will be on Soccer. As usual. lolz..i'll show you peeps some day. It's gonna be hard to program, but i will pray.

Oh yea, for all you soccer fans! Tommorrow. The big showdown. 2 of the best teams in England's top flight soccer league. Liverpool. Manchester United. Awesome! lolz... I am gonna waking up at 5 a.m in the morning to catch that game (Although Liverpool's sure to win). lolz.. To all Man utd fans :"Enjoy the trashing!"

Gtg now peeps! See ya!

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