Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Freak Accident

I don't believe myself. My knee's been acting up a little for the past few days, and my worst fears were realised today - a day just before the long-awaited inter-school soccer tournament -.-" Imagine walking around the whole earth for 10 years looking for the girl that you love, only to find out that she's already attached. That's how i feel right now.

I went to school early in the morning, met Duc, Turk and the other soccer dudes on the hockey field. I told them that i could feel a tingy feeling tugging away at my knee and that i MAY not be able to play on tomorrow. I can only laugh at the sight on their faces - especially Duc. He got sooo worried, and he kept bugging me to get off the field: "Go Sit Down! I don't want you playing! Go NOW!" lol! When the first bell rang, he told me not to do PE. I nodded just to satisfy him :)

Joining in Touch-Rugby for PE was one the worst decisions i made *receives a punch from Duc* x.-" I could run pretty well for most of the double-period. In the last five minutes, Mr.Pritchard passed the ball to me and i burst off with breakneck speed, but i dropped the ball and fell to the ground metres from the touchline -.-" The dudes couldn't believe that i had stuffed up; it just wasn't me. But i didn't stuff knee did -.-"""""" The pain was excruciating! I couldn't straighten my leg, and had to limp to a bench nearby. Sigh... I think i picked up the injury from my "persistant" run last Sunday.

Mr Pritchard spoke to me after PE. He told me that i had stretched /sprained a knee ligament which is connected to a cartiledge in the knee. He said, "Isaac, i know that you're gonna play soccer for the school tomorrow. Considering your current situation, i would see a physio tonight. He could probably wrap it up, and you would be able to play tomorrow." A short pause. "However, he may also warn you of the possibility of sustaining a permanent injury in a cartiledge in your knee." Sigh... i've got a really easy decision to make right now - Possible Permanent Knee Injury OR Help Jason keep his clean sheet. Duc, Turk and Denholm said that they won't let me take the risk. But...with Johnny and Brad alone in defence? i don't know.

Duc was EXTREMELY PISSED when he heard about my injury; he even started punching me! -.-" i couldn't defend myself. The news spread throughout the entire year 10 by the next period. Whoa...i got so shocked when so many people asked how i was - Denholm, Kev, Calvin, Jason Yang, Joe, Arpit, George, Shane, etc. Especially Shane. He was quick to cease the opportunity of "replacing" me -.-""" What a friend!

Well, most of the dudes from the A and B teams are gonna meet up at Flinders at 7.50AM tomorrow for breakfast before the big game. I'll be going along although i MAY not play. I don't want to be the only soccer player present in school. It'll be embarrassing, and boring.

My mum was kind enough to apply some chinese medication on my knee. And i was surprised that my sis offered to wrap it up! haha! Thanks Sha! In my quiet time, i prayed real hard asking God to heal me. I prayed that if it is according to his will that i shouldn't play, then so be it. But i can't take out the fact that God works in wondrous ways; that he may heal me and make me a living testimony of his Love and Grace.

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