Sunday, June 05, 2005


Today was a long, but satisfying day for me. It started off with church. My parents had to take a look at some new furniture, so we went for the 11am service instead of the 9am. The message was awesome! It was based on Exodus 14:13-16, about the three steps on how to solve problems.
1. Stand Firm
2. Be still the Lord will fight for you
3. Move on with God's plan

This is my personal space, this is what i believe. Don't bag me about my religion cuz i take it really seriously.

After church, we picked Joyce and her brother, Tim, up before heading for Fungus. Jerusha couldn't join us (again!) as she had a soccer game, which resulted in a unfortunate 2-1 loss :P Fungus was really good, Chris spoke about how we perceive things. He said that we tend to be lead astray by the many distractions in this world, which may hinder us from the real picture, God's plan. I found it really interesting... What goes on in your mind when you see an attractive person of the opposite sex? What do you do when there is a sex scene in a movie? What do you do behind closed doors? Most of which do not seem wrong, but they sure are in God's eyes.

Joyce's parents were kind enough to give me a ride home from Fungus. I saw her Dad for the first time, and i found it really cool when i heard them talking as a family. I don't want this to offend anyone, but i don't see many happy and united families here in Australia. Even if they are united, they're not neccessarily happy. I don't know what's happening in this age - why can't people see the difference between true love, responsibility and lust?

They had to make a stop for some groceries. It was the same Asian factory that my parents patronise. It's such a coincidence. Don't know if the food there is good, but i can name 4 people who buy food from there off the top of my mind.

I told Joyce's dad not to drop me off at my place because i wanted to take a walk home. The stroll home was fantastic! I never knew the neighbourhood would be such a facinating sight. haha! I think i've been wearing my nerdy glasses, wrapped up in mucus drenched blankets, at my study table for too long. I haven't taken the time to appreciate the Australian facade. I saw how green the leaves were, the freshness of the cool breeze blowing gently on my cheeks, the neighbours washing their cars, some maintaining their gardens, the beautiful shades of the sky and...the silence...pure peace.

Although the exams have ended, i've got tons of work to do. I've got a book report due this friday, as well as an analytical essay -.-" I haven't even started reading a book yet! Looks i've gotta put my accelerated reading skills to the ultimate test in the next four days. Hmm...that'll be a record, an entire book(a thick one!) in 4 days. I couldn't be stuffed getting down to work, and i decided to have a kick. I was shocked when Tommy told me that he's gonna start "pumping" himself up. lol! I wasn't shocked, i was more like...erm...surprised. Well, he's my inspiration! *wink wink nudge nudge* I trained my left foot a little more, juggled a bit and improved my weak stamina. It's been a long dream of mine to have a perfect left foot. Then it occurred to me that all it takes is Determination.

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