Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ironic? Nah...just Grateful

"Why?" The huge question in my mind right now. The answer's not comprehensible to the foolish human mind. Sigh...why did i have to get my knee injured at a time like this? I've been waiting for practically the entire year just for these few days of representing my school in Soccer. But i just had to get a pretty serious knee-ligament injury at this time -.-" I've not been able to play at my full performance for the Intermidate Soccer Tournament last thursday, the Intermidiate Futsal on Monday and i'm in doubt for the Junior Interhouse Soccer tomorrow. Sigh..

I know God has His reasons. But i just can't understand why. I can't get angry, yet i'm frustrated. I want to play, yet i can't. I don't know if i'm gonna suffer permanent injury; i haven't really given my knee a proper rest. Currently, i can only think of one reason why God allowed me to get injured, and i thank Him for it.

Through my experience, i've learnt that my level of self-control has gaps in it; and that's when it comes to soccer. I just CAN'T sit out of a soccer game. I just can't! God made me realise that. Then i wondered:"Am i addicted to Soccer?" Most people don't know this, save for the people who knew me well since i was really young, but i used to hate Soccer. I used to think that it's a game involving 22 people chasing a stupid round ball. I only decided to pick it up as i became more sporty, as i needed something to invest my time into. But now...look at what i've become! Am i a Soccer addict? Well, i don't want to be.

Since the start of the exams, the pressure within me has amounted up to exceeding levels, and all that i could think of for the past few weeks was how to neutralise all that unwanted stress. It's easy to get stressed out when work is needed to be done, but who would have ever thought that it would be more stressful to find something relaxing to do? -.-"

Then i took a moment to realise that i'm not in a rush. I'm just putting myself in a completely unnecessary rush! I took some time to thank God for the things around me - for my wonderful parents, for the greenery outside, for my sister, my grandmum, for my homeland, for bringing me to Australia, for my house, and especially, for my friends.

I really want to play for Yarra tomorrow. Duc, Marcus, Steven Tran, Johnny, Banh, Jack and several others are already getting ready to shed some RED blood tomorrow. But my knee's restricting me from making any commitments yet. It's my passion to represent Yarra, but it's an even greater passion of mine to serve my God. Whether i play or not...i'll let Him do the deciding.

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