Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Hey peeps! How're you guys going? Please keep the tagging up =)

Today was a pretty Smithventurous day. School was alright...but my desk is still piled up with pending homework tasks. Sigh....Anyway, i thought i'd just spend some time blogging. It helps me relax my overworked cranium.

After an EXTREMELY tiring day of school, which consisted of double PE and double CAD, Banh and i went to Flinders. I told Banh that i was going to Smith Street in the arvo with my sister to get some indoor soccer boots, and he wanted to tag along. So yea...we were at Flinders. Then Tommy gave me a ring and said that he wanted to tag along too. So we waited 20 minutes for him. He had wagged the last two periods of school for a bowling game at STRIKE -.-"

Anyway, we took a tram up Elizabeth Street, and met Jerusha and my mum outside Uni High. Then we drove to the Adidas factory outlet along Smith Street. Tommy got me really mad when we got into the car, he bagged me about something that i don't feel comfortable sharing. Anyway, Banh and I came back with a non-stop bagging spree about Tommy and Joyce. lol!

It was about 4.50pm by the time we got there. Tommy's brother works at the Adidas Factory outlet, and said that he could get 20% off the listed price for any product. So yea...Jerusha and i were looking for indoor soccer boots, while Tommy and Banh searched for a soccer ball. I was shocked to find out that there were NO Indoor Soccer boots on sale! -.-" Everything else was really cheap though, the T-shirts, the field soccer boots, the gloves, caps, and other merchandise.

We walked down the road to the Nike Factory Outlet, which looked much better. It was more..."posh". Anyway, THERE WERE NO INDOOR SOCCER BOOTS THERE TOO! -.-""""""" I don't believe it. We bought two balls in the end, one for my sister, and one for Tommy.

It was already getting dark at 5.40pm. We dropped Tommy off at Cliffton, and Banh at Nunawading before heading home. Sigh...i was expecting to get a pair of good indoor soccer boots today...doesn't matter. Some other time maybe.

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